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Immigration consultants: What are they allowed to do?

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A resource that clarifies the types of services immigration consultants may provide with immigration matters.

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What are they allowed to do?

Many states allow non-attorneys who are not Department of Justice accredited representatives to provide clerical assistance with immigration matters. Such individuals often use the title “immigration consultant” or “immigration service provider.” These individuals are not lawyers and may not give legal advice or services.


Immigration consultants CAN

  • Translate information on foreign documents (such as a birth certificate) for a customer
  • Translate questions on immigration forms for a customer
  • Fill out immigration forms with answers provided by the customer
  • Help collect supporting documents for applications, such as a police report
  • Refer customers to an attorney without charging a fee for doing so


Immigration consultants CAN'T

  • Advise customers on what immigration benefit they qualify for
  • Select or recommend which immigration form to use
  • Suggest how to answer a question on an immigration form
  • Refuse to return original documents, like birth certificates or passports to clients
  • Charge customers for immigration forms that are available online for free



  • NEVER sign blank immigration forms
  • NEVER sign forms with false information
  • Read an immigration form completely before you sign it
  • Keep copies of every form you sign


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This handout is not legal advice. It is for informational purposes only.


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