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The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. offers several series of emails to keep you informed about immigration news, as well as new opportunities, resources, and programs from CLINIC. 


Stay up to date with the latest immigration happenings! Our daily news aggregate is your one-stop for breaking news on immigration law, policy, and enforcement. Featured stories include media coverage regarding CLINIC network affiliates and news of interest to people of faith.

Training and Webinar Announcements

Webinars, onsite trainings and e-learning: CLINIC offers a variety of training opportunities to help you learn immigration law, develop legal skills, find out about new developments in law and procedure, and learn how to start or manage your immigration legal services programs. Find out which trainings are right for you in our weekly digest and new training announcements.

Advocacy and Legislation Updates

CLINIC helps you identify legal trends and issues affecting immigrants. Register for e-mail updates informing you of changes in the U.S. immigration system, the implementation of policy shifts, and next steps for protecting the rights and maintaining the dignity of newcomers.

Immigration Related Decisions and Agency Memos

As your liaison to government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, CLINIC relays critical updates regarding precedent-setting decisions and policy memos that affect your client’s immigration case. We frequently provide additional analysis as well and this is the fastest way to get it.

Religious Immigration Services

Looking for important updates regarding religious immigration law? Sign up to get an inside look at the assistance offered to Catholic archdioceses, dioceses, and religious communities by CLINIC’s Religious Immigration Services team. Find tips, resources, and inspiration from CLINIC attorneys and priest, nun and religious worker clients.

Press Alerts

Hear from CLINIC when the biggest news breaks. 

Parish and Local Resources

Looking for immigration resources to share with your parish, school or community? Sign up to receive CLINIC’s latest resources on Catholic social teaching and immigration, ways to help immigrants in your community and updates on important immigration programs.

Resources for Librarians and Educators

Are you a librarian or educator who needs help getting information and services to immigrants in your community? Sign up to receive occasional emails from CLINIC with resources and ideas you can use to engage your students and neighbors on various immigration issues.


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