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CLINIC Trainings: Options for Building Your Knowledge and Skills; Strengthening Your Immigration Programs

Webinars, onsite trainings and e-learning: CLINIC offers a variety of training opportunities to help you learn immigration law, develop legal skills, find out about new developments in law and procedure, and learn how to start or manage your immigration legal services programs.  Training choices include:

  • In –person single- and multi-day trainings on a variety of legal and program management issues.

  • E-learning courses, with coverage of immigration law topics through weekly webinars, readings, exercises, and other self-directed learning activities.

  • Webinars, addressing a particular legal, practice skill, advocacy or program management issue in a 90-minute online presentation.

Which trainings are right for you?  Any or all of these options might provide the training that you need depending on your interest in the topic being addressed, your available time for training, and how you prefer to learn.  Read more detailed information about our in-person trainings, new e-learning opportunities, and webinars by clicking on the links above.