Integration Advent Calendar 2021

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November 27, 2021

Celebrate Advent with CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration! The Center for Immigrant Integration’s Advent calendar is a unique take on the Advent tradition to share stories of hope, integration in the community, and success from CLINIC and its affiliates. Each day will feature a story, an advocacy endeavor, resource, and tips that educate the participant and encourages action in support of immigrant integration and CLINIC’s mission.

Sunday, Nov. 28: "Advent invites us to a commitment to vigilance, looking beyond ourselves, expanding our mind and heart in order to open ourselves up to the needs of people, of brothers and sisters, and to the desire for a new world." Pope Francis, Angelus, 2018

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Monday, Nov. 29: What is immigrant integration and why is it important? CLINIC promotes immigrant integration and encourages furthering integration efforts among its network of more than 400 affiliates. Review our immigrant integration overview that highlights the benefits of integration in the community as well as key considerations for successful integration efforts.

Tuesday, Nov. 30: It’s Giving Tuesday! CLINIC believes that families, communities and this country are made stronger when immigrants are integrated into our communities. Learn more by reading Immigrant and Community Integration: Fulfilling Catholic Social Teaching and American Values.

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Wednesday, Dec. 1: Whether you are busy at work or running around holiday shopping, listen to CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration podcast series where we cover all the basics of integration, what it looks like for nonprofits, and key considerations when promoting integration in the community.

Thursday, Dec. 2: Did you know CLINIC has three Immigrant Integration Surveys for organizations to disseminate to gather the perspective of agency staff, community members and clients? Use the data to assess where your community currently stands on immigrant integration views. Disseminate the surveys year to year to see the change and progress after you have implemented an integration initiative.

Friday, Dec. 3: Faith-based organizations and faith leaders play a crucial role in promoting integration in the community, which makes them a great partner to consider. Here are ten reasons to seek a partnership with faith-based organizations: Follow the Faithful: The Vital Role Faith-Based Organizations Play in Integration Work.

Saturday, Dec. 4: ICYMI — this week we covered Immigrant and Community Integration on CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration’s podcast series. The podcast covered immigrant integration surveys for assessing agency staff, clients and community members, and the vital role faith-based organizations play in integration work!

Sunday, Dec. 5: Visit our partners at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for daily Advent readings.

Monday, Dec. 6: If your organization is ready to implement an integration initiative in the near future, review the Immigrant and Community Integration Step by Step Guide to Local Integration Programming. This guide will help your organization prepare, plan, design, implement and evaluate any integration proposal. It also highlights key considerations of successful integration efforts, such as ways to seek buy-in and feedback from staff and community members.

Tuesday, Dec. 7: Looking for program inspiration? CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration has highlighted over 70 programs promoting integration in the community and agency. Read Affiliate Highlights for ideas to implement in your community. If you have a unique initiative, share it with us to be featured in CLINIC’s monthly newsletter.

Wednesday, Dec. 8: During the nine nights leading up to Christmas, communities in the United States, Mexico and other Latin Countries celebrate Las Posadas. Las Posadas events reenact the journey of Mary and Joseph, as they travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Although Las Posadas may look different this year, see how a Texas parish came together in 2018 to celebrate A New Tradition of Sharing and Surrendering.

Thursday, Dec. 9: Immigration legal service providers are key partners in effective integration and inclusion work. Here are 10 reasons to seek a partnership with immigration legal service providers: Follow the Mission: The Vital Role Immigration Legal Service Providers Play in Integration Work.

Friday, Dec. 10: Between November and December, families across the United States will celebrate over a dozen holidays, such as Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanza. Communities that are inclusive and integrated pave the way to learn about different cultures and traditions with our neighbors and provide an opportunity to celebrate them among our own. What holiday are you celebrating and what are your favorite traditions? Share with us on twitter @cliniclegal.

Saturday, Dec. 11: CLINIC tracked 417 pieces of legislation between January and August 2021. Immigrant-related bills include border patrol, COVID-19 and benefits, E-Verify, language, and more. It’s important for immigration service providers to be informed of the swift changes in legislation so they can continue to advocate for just and inclusive laws that impact newcomers and integration in the community.

Sunday, Dec. 12: For many, the Virgin of Guadalupe has been a source of strength, protection and encouragement to remain faithful through trials and hardship. On the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we invite you to join us in praying for justice for our immigrant brothers and sisters.

Monday, Dec. 13: Becoming a naturalized citizen is one of the most empowering and significant events of the integration journey. Becoming a naturalized citizen allows families to reunite, empowers people to participate in democratic processes and promotes strong communities. View CLINIC’s citizenship toolkit and naturalization workshops toolkit.

Tuesday, Dec. 14: Civic participation is an important element of immigrant integration. Review CLINIC’s Civic Participation Toolkit, which offers six sections such as guides, community dialogues, voting and elections, current initiatives and more.

Wednesday, Dec. 15: City governments have a variety of resources at their disposal that can be helpful in promoting, expanding and strengthening immigrant integration initiatives. Review CLINIC’s City Resources Toolkit to learn more about the most common functions and attributes that agencies can gain or seek when they make appropriate requests for support.

Thursday, Dec. 16: Roughly 37 percent of undocumented residents in the United States live in states where they can obtain a driver’s license or state ID card. There are many practical reasons why all 50 states should offer this benefit to residents regardless of immigration status, such as improving road safety, advancing economic growth, and giving residents a chance to live independently and with dignity. Learn more about why states should grant driver’s licenses to all residents and which states currently offer driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.

Friday, Dec. 17: If you have questions about immigrant integration or would like additional guidance on implementing integration initiatives in your community or at your organization reach out to the team at CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration!

Saturday, Dec. 18: ICYMI — this week we covered the importance of citizenship, establishing partnerships with city leaders, a chance to get one on one help with your integration efforts!

Sunday, Dec. 19: Visit our partners at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for daily Advent readings.

Monday, Dec. 20: The holidays bring families and communities together to celebrate traditions passed down from generation to generation or to start new traditions. CLINIC’s Christmas Book List offers the perfect list to explore different cultures with your children on integrating American Christmas traditions with different countries.

Tuesday, Dec. 21: Many of the traditions that we typically associate with Christmas have their origins in other countries. Immigrants, eager to celebrate a familiar and important holiday in their new home, share their customs with neighbors who adopted them and added their own. Immigrant integration is the process of creating something new from the traditions and cultural practices of both newcomers and the receiving community. Many holiday traditions that we now consider standard fixtures of an All-American Christmas are the result of this process.

Wednesday, Dec. 22: Immigrant integration is most successful at the local level. Working with your neighbors, local organizations and local officials to cultivate and foster a community of diversity and inclusivity ensures everyone feels safe, welcomed and at home. Here are twelve ways to promote immigrant integration in your community for the New Year and beyond!

Thursday, Dec. 23: ICYMI: Make immigrant integration a program priority in 2022! A new year brings new opportunity. Learn about the keys for purposefully and strategically promoting integration in your community, how to define integration goals and how to engage with community stakeholders in program planning efforts.

Friday, Dec. 24: Thank you for spending the month with us to celebrate integration Advent! As immigrants and refugees arrive to the United States to begin their journey towards integration with their neighbors, communities around the nation will create new and diverse traditions, incorporating the different customs and practices to celebrate the holidays and each other. We ask you to pray with us with a Christmas Prayer. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!