Affiliate Highlights

Welcoming Chula Vista - 4/28/2021

City of Charlotte: Office of Equity, Mobility, and Immigrant Integration - 4/6/2021

City of Boston: Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement - 2/19/2021

Local government and their role in promoting integration - 1/21/2021

Local city government promotes immigrant integration through Division of Immigrant Affairs - 12/16/2020

FaithAction International House keeps traditions strong with a Multicultural Thanksgiving - 11/17/2020

New administration, same mission: Immigrant Integration (11/17/2020) 

Building Hope in the City hosts annual resident-led community projects - 10/23/2020

Virtual lunches for the win - 9/24/2020

How naturalization and integration go hand-in-hand (9/11/2020)

Newcomers integrated through community navigator program (8/21/2020)

Work and Play! African Cultural Alliance of North America assists newcomers and celebrates cultural values - 7/21/2020

How understanding integration brought me back to my roots - 6/24/2020

Advocating for Change - 5/20/2020

Integration in the time of COVID-19 - 4/23/2020

Everyone Counts: Strategies and challenges of census engagement - 3/27/2020

Libraries, the best advocates for immigrant integration - 3/16/2020

Global Friends Coalition educates, empowers and embraces New Americans! - 2/28/2020

10 years of helping immigrant integrate into the United States - 1/30/2020

National Census Day - 1/30/2020

12 ways to promote immigrant integration in 2020 - 12/20/2019

Passaic, New Jersey celebrates its Immigrant Integration day - 11/26/2019

Christmas Book List 2019 - 11/26/2019

Intercambio promotes inclusion through education and conversations - 10/30/2019

The Elder Integration Project - 9/30/2019

Catholic Multicultural Center formally launches the Medical Advocacy Integration Program - 8/29/2019

Playing the long game - 8/29/2019

New York-based recreational youth soccer league, La Union F.C., promotes immigrant leadership on and off the field - 7/31/2019

Promote Integration on Independence Day under COVID-19 (GRAPHIC) - 7/4/2019

High fives need no translation - 6/26/2019

Group de Solidaridad - 6/26/2019

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis unites communities with CARE - 4/29/2019

Cabrini Immigrant Services of NYC and JFI empower leaders in the community - 4/2/2019

Working with City officials to create a more inclusive and welcoming Pueblo - 3/1/2019

Creating a more inclusive rural Nebraska - 1/29/2019

Maryland nonprofit uses workforce and vocational training to promote integration. - 11/1/2018

Citizenship Project: Working with Immigrants to realize the dream of citizenship - 9/17/2018

Colorado photographer uses art to create an inclusive community - 8/22/2018

Catholic Charities' Vardaman Family Life Center tackles one of the biggest issues that disconnects neighbors - language barriers - 7/30/2018

The Diocese of Dallas, Catholic Charities and partners encourage neighbors to treat each other how they want to be treated - 6/27/2018

Transforming a communiy, One Person at a Time - 6/8/2018

Catholic Charities and the Portland Police Department work together to welcome refugees - 4/27/2018

Littleton Immigrant Resources Center - 7/15/2015

Intercambio: Uniting Communities - 12/23/2013