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The Center for Immigrant Integration seeks to encourage the development of immigrant integration initiatives throughout its network through the creation of resources and trainings and through the dissemination of best practices currently present in CLINIC affiliate agencies. CLINIC believes that efforts to promote immigrant integration are most successful at the local level. Participation in integration initiatives is required from both the newcomer and the receiving community, as integration takes place at Catholic Charities agencies as well as in the parish halls, in parks and city office buildings, in libraries, and in neighborhood schools. The message of welcoming the stranger is never more needed than right now, as legislative debates continue around measures impacting immigrant communities; charitable legal service programs are experiencing more demand than they can serve; and demographics of cities, large and small, are changing to include the nation’s newcomers.


Check back often for new resources, model program highlights, and archived trainings as CLINIC works to assist its network in building welcoming communities around the nation.

“Where migrants and refugees are concerned, the Church and her various agencies ought to avoid offering charitable services alone; they are also called to promote real integration in a society where all are active members and responsible for one another‘s welfare, generously offering a creative contribution and rightfully sharing in the same rights and duties. Emigrants bring with them a sense of trust and hope which has inspired and sustained their search for better opportunities in life.”

- Pope Benedict, Message for 2013 World Day of Migrants and Refugees



Listen as CLINIC’s Executive Director, Jeanne Atkinson, explains why CLINIC views immigrant integration as a priority for the CLINIC network.



For more information on how your program can promote immigrant integration, or to have an integration initiative highlighted on our website, contact Leya Speasmaker, Integration Program Manager, at or 301-565-4816.