Informational Webinar on Partial to Full Accredited Representative Initiative 2021

For the sixth time, CLINIC’s Defending Vulnerable Populations Program is pleased to announce this court skills training opportunity for partial accredited representatives who want to qualify and apply for full accreditation in order to represent clients in immigration court. The Partial to Full Accredited Representative Initiative will guide participants through activities, webinars, and readings, and will culminate in a 5-day online court skills training from Nov. 29 through Dec. 3 during which the participants will perform direct examination, objections, re-direct examination, closing argument and more in small groups! The Defending Vulnerable Populations Program faculty and a retired immigration judge will provide individualized feedback after each performance.

If interested in this opportunity, please join us for a live informational webinar on Aug. 4, 2021, during which we will discuss the application process, selection criteria, registration process, and training overview, requirements, time commitment, and expectations.

Learn more about advancing the justice mission of the Recognition and Accreditation Program through robust, skills-based training here

NOTE: This webinar takes place in Eastern Standard Time. A recording of this webinar will be available on our website

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