Two-Part Webinar Series: Planning for Change With Your Agency and Your Immigration Program

Oct. 13 and Oct. 20, 2021 | 2-3:30 p.m. ET | CA MCLE: NA


NOTE: Access to recordings of the webinars are included with your purchase of the two-part webinar series. Your complimentary access will be available until November 20, 2021. Certificates of attendance are only issued if you attend the live webinars. 

Webinar 1: Effectively Dealing with Program Transitions

Oct. 13 

What do I do when my only staff attorney or DOJ accredited representative decides to leave our program? What if my program director doesn’t know immigration law? What if we lose our one big grant?

Staff and resource transitions are not uncommon in the life cycle of an immigration program. Unfortunately, not enough programs plan ahead to prevent losing their ability to practice immigration law when there is staff turnover or when revenue streams fluctuate. Using real-life scenarios that programs in our network have faced, presenters will pinpoint challenges, offer solutions and share best practices on how to tackle these issues head on so services can continue without interruption.


Webinar 2: Merging Agencies or Programs During These Unsettling Times

Oct. 20 

The challenging economic climate created by the pandemic has forced many nonprofits to ask hard questions about its viability, program sustainability and the ability to provide effective immigration legal services under limited resources. Agencies are reacting to these uncertain times with creative solutions and innovative service delivery models. This includes ways to consolidate programs internally, or to team up with other nonprofit organizations as a way to shore up resources, expertise and gain more ground in order to serve a larger pool of clients.

Merging agencies or consolidating programs internally are not new in the nonprofit world. There are many reasons leadership may choose this path as a solution to some of the most pressing issues faced by the immigration program. Learn from CLINIC affiliates about their decisions to merge, strategies, tips and process they went through to successfully merge programs or with another nonprofit organization.


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Webinar Series

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02:00 pm ~ 03:30 pm

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Nonprofit Agency Staff - $120

Private Attorneys and Staff - $160

CLINIC Affiliates - $70

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Payment by credit card only. There are no refunds for registration for a single webinar or for a webinar series.