2-Part Webinar Series: Surviving Ethical Challenges and Avoiding Malpractice

Course Description

Becoming a top legal practitioner is not just about knowing the law. It’s about adopting strong ethics and practices so you can always do what is best for your client. 

Join us for a two-part webinar series on establishing strong ethics and avoiding malpractice. Together, these trainings will help you understand what rules you need to follow and what steps you need to take to implement them. This course also includes interactive discussions around various common scenarios that challenge legal services providers every day. We will help you learn to navigate those experiences and formulate responses. 

Webinar One: Ethical Considerations for Immigration Law
April 29 | CA MCLE: 1.5 total (1.5 Legal Ethics)

Like every profession, the legal industry has ethical standards practitioners must adhere to. These standards preserves the integrity of the profession, ensures practitioners are conducting themselves in a responsible manner and guarantees that clients receive the highest quality of services. 

As an immigration legal practitioner, you may be faced with various ethical issues. How well you address these issues will depend on your knowledge of the rules and how they must be applied. This webinar highlights where to find the ethics rules for the immigration practitioners and what they cover, as well as a discussion of ethical scenarios legal professionals may encounter.  

Webinar Two: Immigration Practice Pitfalls and Malpractice Issues
May 6 | CA MCLE: 1.5 total (1.5 Legal Ethics)

As an immigration legal practitioner, you may be faced with multiple client deadlines, trying to respond to various clients in a timely manner or trying to keep up to date with the changing immigration laws. What happens when you make a mistake and miss a case deadline, or worse, your mistake leads to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services denying your client's application? What are your responsibilities to your client and your organization? How should the organization respond to these mistakes? 

This webinar highlights the potential pitfalls that can happen in immigration practice and offers strategies and suggestions on how both the immigration practitioner and organization can ethically respond to these problems.

Additional Information

CLE for Attorney Participants

CLINIC is authorized by the State Bar of California to provide minimum continuing legal education (MCLE) training. If you are a California attorney, you are eligible to claim 1.5 hours of MCLE credits for each live webinar you attend in our e-learning immigration law courses. To receive MCLE credit, please provide your state bar number when you register for each live webinar. You may seek self-study CLE credit for viewing any recorded webinars posted on the course website. If you are an attorney licensed in another state, please check with your state bar to determine whether this training qualifies for MCLE credit.

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Webinar Series

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02:00 pm ~ 03:30 pm

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Nonprofit Agency Staff - $120

Private Attorneys and Staff - $160

CLINIC Affiliates - $70


Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.

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Payment by credit card only. There are no refunds for registration for a single webinar or for a webinar series.