Convening Agenda

Wednesday, May 27

This daylong training will address the increasing need to use expert witnesses in immigration court proceedings.

Thursday, May 28

Immigration program managers share similar challenges but often do not have the opportunity to discuss them with their peers.

Work authorization is a critical benefit for our clients but it is not always easy to figure out who qualifies, how and when to apply, and when a fee or fee waiver is required.

Things are constantly changing in the immigration world — this workshop is your chance to catch up on what you may have missed!

Noncitizens who are detained are far less likely to win their removal proceedings; for many, winning bond is critical to their case and well-being.

Having an aggravated felony conviction renders noncitizens ineligible for most forms of relief.

This panel will examine the state of the law concerning crimes involving moral turpitude.

Litigation has challenged the administration’s efforts to implement an onerous public charge standard for both adjustment of status as well as immigrant visa applicants.

This workshop for new practitioners will cover the two pathways to Lawful Permanent Residence: Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing.

Family-based immigration is the primary route to residency, but sometimes the path to establishing a qualifying relationship can be complicated.

This panel will examine the state of the law concerning crimes involving moral turpitude.

A comprehensive retainer agreement is vital at the beginning of any client/representative relationship.

The ability to identify inadmissibility issues is a key skill in advising clients about their eligibility for certain immigration benefits and their risk of being placed in removal proceedings.

As the administration continues their attack on asylum seekers, vulnerable people remain s

The U status landscape has changed throughout the years and gaining U status for your clients has become more difficult.

As the administration continues its assault on vulnerable asylum seekers, immigration legal practitioners must be prepared to help them through the legal system.

This workshop will review immigration policies adopted by the administration and current trends in the R-1 religious worker visa program.

Friday, May 29

Before filing a naturalization application, make sure that you take a close look at your client’s underlying lawful permanent resident status. USCIS certainly will do so at the time of adjudication

Naturalization applicants must show good moral character for the required residency period prior to applying for naturalization.

Applicants for naturalization must demonstrate an understanding of the English language and a knowledge and

Did your client use someone else’s U.S. birth certificate to obtain a driver’s license? What about showing another person’s border crossing card at a port of entry?

Life marches on as an I-130 relative petition is pending or as your client waits for a current priority date.

A lot can happen between the client’s filing a petition and becoming a lawful permanent resident.

Asylum law is under attack, especially for those seeking protection under the particular social group category.

A noncitizen can seek reopening of a prior order of removal in various ways.

Noncitizens are increasingly at risk of being placed in removal proceedings, and these proceedings have become increasingly adversarial.

You have worked hard to prepare your client’s adjustment of status, immigrant visa or naturalization application and now your client is scheduled for an interview with USCIS or DOS. How do you prep

A potential client hands you a stack of immigration paperwork. How do you review and interpret these documents to understand the person’s immigration status and history to best assist them?

Immigration program managers share similar challenges but often do not have the opportunity to discuss them with their peers.

Do you have a case that is stuck with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services? Do you have a client who whose civil rights were violated?

Join agency officials and CLINIC’s advocacy team to learn about updates on case processing tools and procedures.

This panel will explore current events in immigration law and policy, illuminating the administration’s core goals and strategies in reducing immigration and immigrant integration.