Convening Agenda

Participants will about the state and local advocacy work CLINIC has been doing around local law enforcement and interactions with immigrant communities, as well as our advocacy work on obtaining U vi
Executive Director Anna Marie Gallagher will open CLINIC’s 23rd annual Convening with reflections on the “hunger” that drives people to seek out opportunity and possibility, and the role of welcoming
All sorts of changes can happen during the lifespan of a visa petition: the petitioner can die; the beneficiary can marry or divorce; the petitioner can naturalize; the parties can divorce in a spou

Clients often have previous entrances and exits into and out of the United States by the time they walk into your office.

The change in administrations in January 2021 quickly brought sweeping changes to the federal government’s immigration enforcement priorities.

As immigration organizations with limited resources, we may at times focus our energy advocating for particular communities (which may be the issues garnering the most media attention at the time).

You have worked hard to prepare your client’s adjustment of status or naturalization application and now your client is scheduled for an interview with USCIS.

Parole is a vehicle through which an applicant receives permission to enter or remain in the United States without being granted admission or lawful status.

The courtroom can be a daunting and unfamiliar place for immigrants facing removal proceedings.

As Afghan evacuees and other vulnerable populations add to legal services demands in 2022 and beyond, increasing the capacity of nonprofit legal services organizations through the Recognition &

The immigration field is changing rapidly, bringing more complex program management issues with it.
Has your foreign-born client been a U.S. citizen since the day she was born? Can your client apply for a certificate of citizenship or U.S.

Afghan evacuees who are being resettled in the United States will require support and legal assistance over the coming months and years.

While there is a generous waiver for U nonimmigrant status applicants, inadmissibility can still cause tremendous problems.

Each year the Catholic Church and other faiths bring hundreds of foreign-born religious workers to the United States to minister and perform other traditional religious duties.

Immigration practitioners work in a fast-paced, demanding environment but always have a duty to represent their clients ethically.

You’ve interviewed your client and they disclosed an arrest by local law enforcement and a stop at the border. What should you do next?

Since the start of the Biden administration, many changes have occurred in both asylum case law and regulations that can change the course of a client’s asylum application and related benefits.

Immigration program managers share similar challenges, but often don't have the opportunity to discuss them with their peers.

This workshop will review the process and steps involved in obtaining an immigrant visa and explain the roles of the National Visa Center and U.S. consulates overseas.

Special Immigrant Juveniles who are eligible to adjust status pursue their applications before USCIS, and in some cases, before EOIR.

This panel will build on the information covered in the preceding “Understanding Motions to Rescind and Reopen In Absentia Orders of Removal” session by giving participants an opportunity to apply

The Biden administration has proposed formalizing the definition of public charge and accepting much of the language from the 1999 interim field guidance.
One of the secrets to running a successful immigration legal services program is prioritizing efficiency and organization.

Join CLINIC’s government relations team in conversation with Department of Homeland Security agencies on how to escalate multiple types of case issues.

A criminal impact can have a serious impact on an applicant’s eligibility for naturalization.

Where a noncitizen has been ordered removed because they did not attend their immigration court hearing, a motion to rescind and reopen may be an important tool for helping the noncitizen remain in

Immigrant integration and inclusion happen most effectively at the local level.

Join the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc., and NETWORK Lobby as they launch a new initiative: Catholics Against Racism in Immigration, or CARI.

Is this the time you finally understand the Child Status Protection Act?
Practitioners who do not regularly practice in immigration court or who are new to removal defense are encouraged to join us for an overview of removal proceedings.

The only constant in immigration law is change. This workshop will review some notable recent developments impacting immigration practitioners and our clients.