Convening Agenda

Get to know fellow immigration advocates and legal services providers from all time zones through informal icebreakers. Bring your cocktail mixer and come prepared to have some fun!

For organizations whose immigration program is fewer than five years old. Share stories, lessons and advice on how to build foundations for a lasting program.

For organizations with fewer than 10 employees in their program. Brainstorm and share best practices for running a successful program

Spend some time getting to know your CLINIC Field Support Coordinator and other affiliates they serve.

Not all immigration policies are created equal. Here's an opportunity to discuss regional issues with your peers. Groups will be broken into West, South West, Mid West, North East, South East

Moderator: Nathan Burton

Vegas veteran Nathan Burton is bringing the magic of The Strip to virtual conferences — and with interactive twists never-before tried!

Moderator: Reshma Thawani

is an immersive experience in learning how breathing and meditation can give you all-day energy, laser focus and emotional stability.

Moderator: Jenna Pascual

Laughter Yoga is a form of exercise that combines unconditional laughter and yogic breathing without yoga mats or poses.

This legislative session, states have brought forward various pieces of legislation that would either end local law enforcement cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement or strengthen it

Naturalization applicants must show good moral character for the required residency period prior to applying for naturalization.

How do your clients’ prior entries to and exits from the United States affect their ability to immigrate?

Applicants for naturalization must demonstrate an understanding of the English language and the fundamentals of U.S. history and civics.

Life marches on as an I-130 relative petition is pending or as your client waits for a current priority date. How do different life events of the petitioner or the beneficiary impact on eligibility

The Biden administration has promised to roll back the Trump administration's infamous public charge rule and replace it with a more traditional and generous interpretation of this ground of inadmi

Immigration practitioners work in a fast-paced, demanding environment.

Asylum seekers have been under assault for the past four years, although the new administration is pledging to reverse some of the most harmful changes made under the prior administration.

Adjustment of status and consular processing are two different pathways for seeking lawful permanent residence status.

The last few years have brought great uncertainty to TPS clients as the Trump administration attempted to end TPS for six nationalities, which led to a number of lawsuits challenging those terminat

The U status landscape has changed throughout the years and gaining U status for your clients has become more difficult.

Is a religious marriage valid for immigration purposes? Must a U.S. citizen always meet his or her fiancé(e) in person before filing an I-129F petition?

Things are constantly changing in the immigration world — especially given a new administration and a reversal of the policies under the old one.

From immigrant families seeking compensation in the wake of the “Zero Tolerance” family separation crisis to detained immigrants seeking accountability and reparations for neglect and abuse in dete

The applicant’s declaration is often the single most important piece of evidence in an asylum seeker’s case.

Asylum law was upended under the Trump administration, with dozens of changes narrowing substantive eligibility and creating procedural hurdles.

The prior administration left in its wake a number of cruel and unlawful deterrence-focused policies.

Take your removal defense practice to the next level – literally – with this panel on appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Litigation is a powerful tool to advance the rights of immigrants. This panel will review the impactful cases currently on CLINIC’s federal court litigation docket.

This panel will build on the information covered in the preceding “Understanding Motions to Reopen” session by giving participants an opportunity to apply their new motions to reopen knowledge to c

Where a noncitizen already has a final order of removal, a motion to reopen may be an important tool for helping the noncitizen remain in or return to the United States.

The law provides special protections to unaccompanied children in immigration court removal proceedings, of which there are currently more than 100,000.

Join us for this session to discuss the latest trends and changes we are seeing in the field of DOJ recognition and accreditation.

Jeff Chenoweth, CLINIC's Capacity Building director, will lead this 90-minute workshop.

*By invitation only.*

The immigration field is changing rapidly, bringing more complex program management issues with it.

*By invitation only.*

The immigration field is changing rapidly, bringing more complex program management issues with it.

Do you ever wonder if your case management system is working as effectively as it could?

Do you ever wonder if your case management system is working as effectively as it could?

Featuring top policy and advocacy experts, this panel will illuminate how anti-Black racism is entrenched in U.S.

Does your local community provide COVID-19 relief such as monetary aid, food or other assistance that is inclusive of the most vulnerable? Has access to health care, online learning and other needs be

Join government agency officials and CLINIC’s advocacy team to learn about updates on case processing tools and procedures.

President Biden launched his administration with executive actions on immigration from his very first day in office — laying the course for a new ethos at the White House.

Ahoy Matey! Join Cap’n Miguel and his Jolly Roger band of attorneys as they navigate the rough seas of Hurricane Trump and find refuge in Biden Paradise. Or do they?

Looking for some afternoon excitement? Time to join the Religious Immigration Services team for some “serious” talk about the religious worker program.

As the recruitment of foreign-born religious workers increases, integration into the American way of life as well as orientation to U.S.