Updates from the Center for Immigrant Integration


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December 23, 2019

Updates from the Center for Immigrant Integration

CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration offers strategies to promote integration for the New Year! Be sure to share with us which initiative you will explore with your community. The Migration Policy Institute has published a report on the importance of volunteers for successful refugee integration. Justice for Immigrants hosts a webinar on the importance of Parish IDs. Arkansas United promotes immigrant integration during their annual convention. Coming up, Justice for Immigrants prepares for National Migration Week.

Center Updates

Twelve ways to promote integration in 2020
Immigrant Integration is most successful at the local level. Working with your neighbors, local organizations and local officials to cultivate and foster a community of diversity and inclusivity ensures everyone feels safe, welcomed and at home.

Celebrate Booklist
These books explore several different cultures integrating American Christmas traditions with their own, while illustrating how different countries celebrate and welcome the holidays. 

Outside Events, Webinars and Resources

Volunteers and Sponsors: A Catalyst for Refugee Integration?
The Migration Policy Institute released a report discussing how community members can add value to integration efforts through volunteering. The report offers recommendations of integration initiatives to facilitate the effective community engagement.
Parish ID Webinar
Justice for Immigrants hosted a webinar on the importance of a Parish I.D. Similar to the FaithAction ID Card, Parish IDs offer identification for those without proper IDs. A Dallas Parish began this initiative to help community members feel safe when engaging with local law enforcement. Since offering the Parish IDs, Fr. Forge of Mary Immaculate Catholic Church has witnessed community members having a sense of connectedness with their community and the parish.
Integration in the News

4029 News: ‘Arkansas United hosting two-day convention for Arkansan Immigrants’
For the past nine years, Arkansas United has been hosting a conference for its immigrant community. The two-day convention consists of workshops, resources and steps for emergency planning. The event brings members from all over the state. This year, the theme of the conference was voting and the U.S. census. “Arkansas has one of the most under-counted immigrant populations in the country,” said Mireya Reith, the founding director of Arkansas United.