Update from the Center for Immigrant Integration - April 2017

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April 26, 2017

Integration Newsletter April 2017

This month, CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration celebrates integration efforts both in the community and in the church. From a career development program run by a CLINIC affiliate to a lively discussion on the immigrant roots American traditions for religious holidays, this issue celebrates these efforts for creating cohesive communities.

Affiliate Highlight Blog

Building community through job development training

Building One Community’s Skills Development Program is transforming relationships between immigrant communities and local businesses in Stamford, Connecticut. Launched in 2015, the program now offers three career training tracks: culinary, home health aide, and construction and landscaping. With significant support from local elected officials and community leaders, B1C’s Skills Development Program is helping immigrants adapt effectively in professional settings, while promoting acceptance and participation. It is truly a successful integration initiative.

CLINIC Resources and Webinars

Sharing traditions, that’s what holidays are for

CLINIC’s Immigrant Integration Program Manager Leya Speasmaker joined Jacob Popcak on the Son Rise Morning Show in Cincinnati to discuss holiday traditions embedded in American culture that were brought to the United States by immigrants. This blog goes on to show how incorporating those faith traditions from other countries embodies the definition of integration.

Outside Events, Webinars, and Resources

Cambio de Colores

In June, Nathaly Perez, a CLINIC field support coordinator, will present at the Cambio de Colores Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. The event is a multistate conference about integration of immigrants in new destinations. The professional development opportunity engages practitioners, researchers and those working with immigrant communities, by sharing experiences and knowledge that about integration of immigrants in new settlement areas.

Visit the Cambio de Colores website for more information and to register.