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LawLogix Immigration Partner Program

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Pricing discounts, training and certification programs for CLINIC affiliates (members and subscribers) using EDGEtm , the leader in Immigrant Forms and Case Management Software

CLINIC affiliates play a critical role in providing immigrants with reputable and trustworthy immigration assistance, a mission that aligns well with LawLogix's pledge to only sell its software to immigration attorneys and accredited BIA representatives.  LawLogix is the only immigration case management software company to partner with a nonprofit organization the size and caliber of CLINIC, a sign of the commitment between both organizations to bring value to their stakeholders and to the community.  With pricing discounts, unique training opportunities and certification programs designed for CLINIC affiliates, the CLINIC-LawLogix exclusive agreement is definitely a win for everybody!

EDGEtm, a web-based system, allows users to streamline the consultation process, track and report any and all data entered, organize and manage the lifecycle of all its immigration cases - from initial consultation, completing questionnaires, preparing forms, filing, billing, tracking priority dates - and much more in a paperless and secure system.  Users can also set notifications for deadlines and court dates and set advance reminders. 

CLINIC affiliates can visit the dedicated page here for more information about starting with LawLogix's EDGEtm case management system and gaining the full advantage of the CLINIC-LawLogix exclusive agreement.

For more information from CLINIC, please contact Jeff Chenoweth at

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