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LawLogix Edge is the exclusive provider of integrated immigration forms, billing, and case management software to CLINIC and its affiliates.

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CLINIC affiliates play a critical role in providing immigrants with reputable and trustworthy immigration assistance, a mission that aligns well with LawLogix's pledge to only sell its software to immigration attorneys and DOJ recognized organizations.  LawLogix is the only immigration case management software company to partner with a nonprofit organization the size and caliber of CLINIC, a sign of the commitment between both organizations to bring value to their stakeholders and to the community. The CLINIC-LawLogix exclusive agreement is a win for everybody.


Edge Features and Benefits:

  • Affiliate pricing discounts
  • Unique training opportunities
  • Certification programs
  • Streamlined consultation process
  • Extensive real-time reporting capabilities
  • Secure electronic document storage
  • The most up-to-date forms and questionnaires
  • Dedicated billing module
  • Visa priority date tracking
  • Notification/reminders for deadlines or court dates
  • And much more!

Download a Copy of this Resource

CLINIC affiliates can visit the dedicated page here for more information or to get started with Edge and gain the full advantage of the CLINIC-LawLogix exclusive agreement.

Speak with a LawLogix sales associate today.

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