National Immigrant Empowerment Project

In 2019, CLINIC launched the National Immigrant Empowerment Project, or NIEP. This multi-year project works with eight selected affiliates to promote the full exercise of rights and responsibilities of immigrants. The NIEP aims to create permanent positive social change at the local level through immigrant-led grassroots organizing, promoting immigrant leadership and immigrant integration.

CLINIC’s funding will be for affiliates to hire one, full-time community organizer and appoint and provide a stipend to one member of the local immigrant community as a community liaison. Together, they will mobilize low-income immigrant communities and their supporters to create social change based on local needs. Funding will also provide a small stipend for a summer intern position and leadership training for the community organizer and community liaison.

Community Organizer Highlights

Get to know one of the eight National Immigrant Empowerment Project, or NIEP, community organizers that are advocating alongside members of their community and empowering the immigrant community to take the lead in creating long-lasting, positive changes in their cities.