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CLINIC is pleased to announce the launch of Estamos Unidos: Proyecto de Asilo/Asylum project in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The project is in response to the ill-conceived policies and practices that target migrants and asylum seekers at our southern border. For 30 years CLINIC has provided legal training to what has grown to be a network of 375 affiliates, which offer legal services and information to immigrants across the United States, CLINIC will put that expertise into practice in this new outreach across the border. Estamos Unidos will rely on volunteers from across the country to increase access to information, legal services and representation for people seeking asylum in the United States.

All who arrive at the southern border are subject to “metering” practices, which limit the number of asylum seekers allowed into the United States, forcing them to wait months to enter. Estamos Unidos will provide know your rights information, documentation safety plans and case preparation. As of July 1, an estimated 11,000 people are waiting in Ciudad Juarez for their chance to make their case for asylum in the United States.

Asylum seekers who are subject to the “Remain in Mexico” program, called the Migrant Protection Protocol by the government, are returned to Mexico to await their hearing before a U.S.-based immigration judge. Estamos Unidos will provide know your rights information, case preparation and referrals, as well as provide various tools and resources. The project aims to increase the representation and preparation of those who are navigating a complex asylum process.

Through Estamos Unidos, CLINIC remains committed to promoting the dignity and protection of migrants and asylum seekers who seek refuge at our border.




Press Release

At a time when each day brings news of another example of inhumane and shameful treatment of asylum-seekers at the Mexican border, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc. will launch a project to provide legal guidance to people waiting in Juarez, Mexico, to pursue asylum claims.

Updated on 07/02/2019