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Welcome, Neighbor!

Use the resources on this page to engage your community on immigration issues and help newcomers feel welcome.


Discernment Tool

The Lord calls on us to create a welcoming community for everyone, but how? Use this tool to guide your discernment of what your community most needs and how you might help.


Cover of resource titled "Are immigrants in your community looking for advice? Here’s how you can help."

It’s natural to want to help people in trouble, but sometime the wrong help can hurt. Use this resource to learn the dos and don’ts when someone is in need of legal help.

Available in English and Spanish. Disponible en español.

Did you know the Catholic Church is rooted in a history of migration? Use this resource to learn more and find out how you can share this information with your community.

Available in English.

Discernment Tool Quiz

Have you ever stopped to think how welcoming your community is? Use this quiz to find out!

Available in English.



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Civic engagement helps ensure the voices of the public are heard. This resource outlines how to stay up to date with your state legislative process and make sure yours is too.

Available in English.

CLINIC's Know Your Rights materials help you be prepared for encounters with ICE or police and contain a Know Your Rights card. 

Discernment Tool - What Can I Do

Get involved! This resource provides 12 ways to be an ally for immigrants in your area.

Available in English.

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This resource will help parishioners learn more about TPS and how they can help their community respond to the decisions on TPS for certain nationalities.

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A collection of talking points for Catholic parish leaders to use when discussing the importance of keeping Temporary Protected Status.


Catholic Social Teaching


Becoming an U.S. citizen comes with as many responsibilities as it does privileges. Let’s say a prayer honoring the journeys of the brave men and women who left everything they knew behind to forge a new life in the United States.

This online prayer guide is divided into eight sections, each inspired by a different migration theme. Each piece contains selected Scripture passages, stories, discussion questions, prayers and a call to action. This resource is perfect for sparking dialogue about immigration issues during small group discussions.

Image of Posadas

Las Posadas Navideñas is a nine-day religious observance celebrated in many Latin American countries. Neighbors dress up, sing, pray and celebrate the coming anniversary of the Savior’s birth. Use this resource to plan your own version and join the fun!

Available in English and Spanish.

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Suggested Media

Use the resources on this page to engage your community on immigration issues and help newcomers feel welcome.


The Story of Us

Part of The Visionaries, a PBS-TV documentary series

"The Story of Us” features Aden Batar, a Muslim from Somalia who became an American citizen after being granted asylum in the United States. Now, he works as the Immigration and Refugee Resettlement Director at Catholic Community Services of Utah in Salt Lake City. The show also highlighted the work of Holy Cross Ministries, particularly their services to victims of domestic abuse. In what may seem like an unlikely place for “outsiders” to make a home, Salt Lake City residents are creating a community where everybody is welcome.



View 10 min. film


Welcome to Shelbyville

View trailer and site for more information, discussion guide



View site for trailer and more information


Dying to Live

View trailer and visit site for more information