Minyoung Ohm


Capacity Building


Section Manager/Field Support Coordinator

Ohm provides training and consultation on program management and capacity building to CLINIC’s network of charitable immigration legal service providers.  

She obtained her law degree from the American University’s Washington College of Law in 2003. She initially joined CLINIC as a staff attorney with the Religious Immigration Services Section in 2004, then briefly left CLINIC to work as an associate attorney at a law firm in Washington D.C. handling asylum, family-based visas, H-1B and other work-related visas. She re-joined CLINIC in 2008 and exclusively practiced religious immigration law for over 12 years, assisting dioceses and religious communities in bringing international religious workers into the U.S. to serve the Catholic Church. 

She holds a bachelor’s degree from Wellesley College in French and English literature and is a member of the New York State Bar.