Megan Turngren




Federal Advocacy Liaison

Megan Turngren is the Federal Advocacy Liaison in the Advocacy section of CLINIC. In this position, Megan will be leading the services side of our Advocacy program – helping to address systemic issues identified in our network through case escalation services as well as from in-house requests. In the policy analysis function of this position, Megan will be working to address real-life issues that arise from the application and implementation of immigration policies. 

Megan brings to this role more than a decade in direct legal services. Most recently, Megan worked for nine years in the Religious Immigration Services section of CLINIC. Prior to CLINIC, Megan worked as a public defender, doing the crucial work in our criminal legal system of ensuring that case strategies are informed by potential immigration consequences. 

Megan is licensed in the state of Tennessee and a graduate of the University of Memphis’ Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law (2005).