Jeff Chenoweth


Capacity Building


Director of Capacity Building

Chenoweth is CLINIC’s Director of Capacity Building within the Center for Citizenship and Immigrant Communities, which helps nonprofits start, expand and sustain charitable legal immigration services for low-income immigrants and refugees. He supervises Field Support Coordinators assigned to work with affiliates to expand and professionalize their program management and direct legal services. He also supervises Project Coordinators working on specific initiatives to serve the most vulnerable immigrant populations.

Chenoweth holds a master’s degree in social work with an emphasis on administration and family/child welfare. He has worked in the field of nonprofit immigration services since 1986 at the local, national and international level.

Before joining CLINIC, he managed refugee resettlement projects in the United States and in Saudi Arabia for Immigration and Refugee Services of America. He also served as a refugee resettlement case manager for Jewish Family Services and Lutheran Social Services.