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CLINIC regularly offers webinars on a variety of immigration law, advocacy, and program management issues.  Each webinar lasts approximately 90 minutes and covers a specific topic.  Participants view a presentation via the Internet and listen to an accompanying audio presentation by conference call or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).  Participants may have the chance to ask questions via online text chat during the presentation. CLINIC  schedules at least one webinar per month on discrete immigration law issues, as well as one or more webinars on a program management or advocacy topic. CLINIC webinar participants receive a certificate of attendance and a copy of the presentation.  Fees for webinars are listed below.

If you haven’t participated in a webinar before and would like to know what a webinar is like, we invite you to view this webinar entitled Post-Admission Issues for Asylees.

Webinar Fees

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Webinars on Program Management Topics


Webinars on Immigration Law Topics


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