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Thank you for participating in the BIA Pro Bono Appeals Project!  The benefits of your time, legal background, and research skills will have a significant impact on an immigrant who would otherwise face a complex legal struggle alone.

Below is a list of 10 steps that outline in detail the different stages of the appeal process.  Please review the information provided on this website.  You have also received a letter via email that provides important deadlines and case # information.  Best of luck and thank you for volunteering.  Please contact Project Coordinator Bradley Jenkins if you have any questions at bjenkins@cliniclegal.org.

Step 1: 

CLINIC sends a packet to the Respondent requesting consent 

Step 2:

The attorney files form EOIR-27 with the BIA

Step 3:

Attorney should contact his/her client and review the Record of Proceedings (ROP)
The Board resets the briefing schedule

Step 4:

The attorney receives the new briefing schedules and has an opportunity to request an extension

Step 5:

Time to write the brief (Brief Bank)

Step 6:

The attorney formats the brief in accordance with the BIA Practice Manual

Step 7:

The attorney files the brief with the Board

Step 8:

Scan or fax a redacted copy to the Project

Step 9: 

What happens next: decision by the Board

Step 10: 

Please inform the client and CLINIC of the outcome of the case