Understanding Parole

Parole is a vehicle through which an applicant receives permission to enter or remain in the United States without being granted admission or lawful status. There are various categories of parole under immigration law, including humanitarian parole, advance parole, and parole in place. This panel will cover the eligibility criteria for each of these categories and the application process for parole generally. We will then discuss how that procedure may differ with each of the different agencies that can adjudicate applications for parole, including USCIS, ICE and CBP. The panel will also examine which of these procedures should be followed depending on if the applicant is inside or outside the United States, or at a port of entry. Finally, participants will learn about the process of obtaining an employment authorization document based on parole and how a grant of parole may help a client qualify for adjustment of status.

Guest Speaker

Vanessa McCarthy, Kate Shattuck