Sky Meditation Success Without Stress

Moderator: Reshma Thawani

is an immersive experience in learning how breathing and meditation can give you all-day energy, laser focus and emotional stability. During this 30 minute session you will experience the following:

  • Desktop Yoga: Learn a sequence of simple exercises you can perform quite unobtrusively at your desk, at any time. Desk Yoga wipes away body pain, fatigue and tension and increases overall muscle strength and flexibility, keeping you fresh and revitalized.
  • Breath and Meditation: Learn and experience a couple of rejuvenating breathing techniques to reduce stress and improve energy levels…..a real experience of meditation to effortlessly cut the vicious cycle of thoughts, leaving mind focused, clear & stress-free.
  • Mind Mastery Skills: Learn about the tendencies of mind and how to overcome negative patterns using certain breathing techniques. In addition gain practical tips on managing workplace stress and anxiety while improving productivity, and performance.