Is Your Client Really an LPR? Diagnosing Defects in LPR Status

Before filing a naturalization application, make sure that you take a close look at your client’s underlying lawful permanent resident status. USCIS certainly will do so at the time of adjudication and that is not when you want to find out that:

  • Your client had undisclosed grounds of inadmissibility at the time of adjustment of status or consular processing; or
  • Your client adjusted status but wasn’t eligible to do so; or 
  • Your client was no longer eligible for his or her category of immigration at the time of becoming an LPR.

How can you effectively screen your LPR clients to make sure they are not exposed to potential loss of LPR status because of a defect in the underlying residency? In this workshop, the presenters will review the common issues of concern relating to the validity of your client’s residency status and the remedies that may be available to address this situation.

Workshop Day

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