Local Policing and Immigration Enforcement: What Can Your Community Do?

This legislative session, states have brought forward various pieces of legislation that would either end local law enforcement cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement or strengthen it. Various jurisdictions elected sheriffs who vowed to end 287(g) agreements during the 2020 elections. Our communities — particularly communities of color — are left vulnerable and afraid of the very group that should protect them when we fail to hold ICE to the standards of obtaining a judicial warrant to put someone in their custody and allow our police officers to act as ICE officials in certain capacities. This panel will address some of the misconceptions around ICE collaboration programs. It will also address the importance of strong partnerships between the immigrant community and local law enforcement. Come and learn ways to truly welcome and partner with our immigrant neighbors to build stronger communities.


Guest Speaker

Pedro de Velasco, Sheriff Garry McFadden and Regan Vaughan