Partial to Full Accredited Representative Interest Call

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About This Recording

Interested in qualifying and applying for full accreditation? Take the next step by applying for CLINIC’s Partial to Full Accredited Representative Initiative! CLINIC will offer a package of webinars and a three day in-person Court Skills training on relief from removal so that participants can successfully apply and be approved for full accreditation status. Those who participate in our court skills training will learn how to assess eligibility for relief from removal and represent a client in immigration court. This includes learning about and practicing all of the components of court representation, including:

  • Evaluating the charges of inadmissibility or deportability.
  • Determining eligibility for relief from removal.
  • Identifying relevant legal authority.
  • Presenting evidence.
  • Preparing client testimony.
  • Making legal arguments.

Please watch our interest call to learn more about this opportunity!

Note: All individuals interested in applying for the project must already have partial accreditation status.

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