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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to registration for CLINIC trainings and webinars.  Please review the FAQs for guidance on training registration prior to registering.




Who can register for a CLINIC training?

 CLINIC trainings are open to staff of CLINIC affiliate agencies, any other non-profit agency, and private attorneys and their staff.  Independent non-attorney legal workers are not eligible to register for CLINIC trainings


How soon can I register for a CLINIC training?

You may register for an upcoming e-learning course at any time; the registration links may be found on the CLINIC Training Calendar or the e-learning page.   Registration for onsite trainings typically begins about two months before the training date.   Once the course is open for registration, you can register for the course on the onsite training page or on the CLINIC calendar.


I am having trouble with the link in the email announcement. Is there another way to register?

Under the Trainings tab, click the “Training Calendar" option from the drop down menu. This will  take you to a calendar of upcoming trainings. Select the appropriate training by clicking on the training title.  This will take you to the page with the training description and fees  where you can register for the course by clicking on "Register Now".


How can I find out if I qualify to register for a training at the CLINIC affiliate rate?

If your agency is a CLINIC affiliate, it will be listed in CLINICs Affiliate Directory.  To access the directory, click here. When you register for a course or webinar, remember to click on the correct category.


Does CLINIC have registration discounts if my program registers multiple staff for the same training?

There are no multiple registrant discounts for e-learning courses; all participants in an e-learning course  must individually register for the course and pay the course registration fee.

For onsite trainings, the registration fee is reduced to $50 for each additional person who registers after three people from same office site have already registered for the same training at the full registration fee.


If I want to cancel my registration, what do I have to do?

You should immediately email the registration contact person listed in the training announcement and send an e-mail request for cancellation. The message should state:

  1. Name of the registrant(s)
  2. Title and dates of the training

You will be asked to provide credit card information in order to process the refund minus the cancellation fee of $70 within a 3-4 week period after the request is submitted. Note: Fees are not refundable for cancellations requested less than one (1) week prior to the training.


I work at a non-profit agency, and I have provided the IRS 501(c)(3) letter for a past training. Do I have to provide this letter again?

Yes, you need to fax or e-mail a copy of your agency’s IRS 501(c)(3) letter to register for each training. We  suggest that you always keep a copy at hand so that you can fax or e-mail it each time you register.


Where do I find your training schedule? Does your training schedule change during the year?

CLINIC's training calendar lists all upcoming trainings that are open for registration.  This includes all e-learning courses scheduled for 2014 and certain onsite courses. To access the calendar page, click here. To view other scheduled onsite courses that are not yet open for registration, click here. Check our training schedule frequently as it changes during the year due to additions and cancellations.


Can government employees attend or register for CLINIC trainings?

Employees of government agencies and other government officials are not eligible to attend CLINIC trainings and convenings, unless otherwise invited (State and Federal Public Defenders are not subject to this limitation).


Are Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits provided for all of your trainings?

E-Learning and Webinars:  CLINIC is authorized by the State Bar of California to provide minimum  continuing legal education (MCLE) trainings.  E-learning participants are eligible to claim 1.5 hours of MCLE credits per webinar for the webinar component of each immigration law e-course.  If you are an attorney licensed in another state, please check with your state bar to determine whether the training qualifies for MCLE credit in your state.

Onsite Training: We do not provide CLE credits for all of our onsite trainings. If CLINIC has applied for CLE credits, we will always indicate this on the flier.


Why is registration sometimes closed before the deadline date?

If the number of registrations received reaches room capacity for the training, we will close the online registration page earlier than the stated deadline. We encourage you to sign-up early to avoid the risk of not being able to register.


What training is right for my experience level?

CLINIC conducts a wide variety of trainings, including those geared to the new practitioner, and those directed at experienced practitioners.   The training description and draft agenda include a detailed description of the topics to be covered which should help you decide if the training will be presented at a level appropriate to your knowledge and experience.   You may also contact the training instructor listed in the training flier for more information about the training.  Note that “Introductory” and “Overview” trainings are geared to the practitioner who does not have experience in the training topic.   


What training should I take if I want to obtain initial BIA accredited representative status?

The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) requires that all applicants for initial accredited representative status show that they have attended at least one recent formal overview training in immigration law, designed to give new practitioners a solid overview of the fundamentals of immigration law and procedure.  CLINIC offers both in-person and online training courses to meet this requirement;  to read more about these options, click here.


How can I receive announcements about upcoming trainings?

Sign up for CLINIC’s listserv to receive email announcements about upcoming trainings and webinars.




What should I do if I never received by username/password?

Check your email (and junk folder) for the following email



“Your elearning registration”

 This email will contain the information needed to log into the course website.


What should I do if my username/password won't work?

To reset your password, please click here and enter either your username, or the email address you used to register for the course.


What should are the requirements to register for an e-learning course?

Registrants must either work for a community-based organization with 501(c)(3) status, or work for, or as, a private attorney.


When can I access the course website?

The course will be opened on the date listed on the flier.  The first webinar usually occurs at the end of week one of the course.


When will I receive my user name and password?

You will generally receive your username/password the day before the course is scheduled to open.


What if I can't make all of the scheduled webinars?

Our instructors record all webinars and will generally post them to the e-learning website by the following day.


What is required to receive a course completion certificate?

Course participants will receive a course completion certificate if they (a) attend or view recordings of the weekly course webinar and (b) complete each weekly course quiz.   You have up to two weeks after the last live webinar in the course to meet these requirements.


When will I receive my course completion certificate?

Certificates will be issued within two weeks of course closure.  Course closure occurs two weeks after the last course webinar.   You may use this two week period to view any webinar that you missed and to download any course materials that you want to keep.  


What should I do if I can't view the recorded webinars on the course website?

If you are using Windows Media Player, make sure you have the latest updates.  If this does not work, please download VLC (free and open source video player).  If you are still unable to view the recorded webinar please contact Jon Braswell at



How do I register for a webinar?

CLINIC sends out notices of upcoming webinars to all recipients of our e-mail service. The notices  list the titles of the webinars and include links to the registration page. The registration process includes a separate registration with CLINIC’s web conferencing program that facilitates the webinar with CLINIC.

The two ways to register for a CLINIC webinar are described below:

From the e-mail notice:

  • Click on the ‘Register here’ option inside the notice.
  • Enter your data on the registration form. Be sure to enter your exact e-mail address.
  • After you submit payment, you will receive an electronic acknowledgement of payment notice that contains a link to the web conference program.
  • Click on the link provided in the message to complete the registration process. You will be requested to repeat some information. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully to fully register and submit your information by clicking on the Register Now button. Be sure to accurately and carefully enter your e-mail address as the confirmation instructions will be sent to that address only.
  • After submitting this information you will receive a message from the web conference program containing a phone number and the link to join the webinar on the specified date.  Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully as we cannot replicate this communication from the web conference program that contains the link unique to your name for the webinar registration.  


From CLINIC website:

  • Click on the ‘Trainings tab on the CLINIC homepage
  • Choose the Training Calendar option from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the webinar listed on the training calendar and click on the registration link. 
  • Follow the instructions  in the registration form, taking care to enter your correct email address


I registered with CLINIC for the webinar, but did not receive further information about confirmation or instructions.

Your confirmation e-mail will come from CLINIC’s web conference program with the subject line “Webinar Notice” or “Webinar Invitation.” If you do not receive this electronic invitation, you have not completed the registration process. Please check your junk folder for this e-mail.

If you received the webinar notice but not a confirmation, please click on the link provided in the message to complete the registration process.  Follow the instructions on the registration page and then submit it by clicking on the Register Now button. Be sure to accurately and carefully enter your e-mail address as the confirmation email  will be sent to that address only.

Your registration confirmation email contains a phone number and link to join the webinar. When you click on the link you will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers; a headset can also be used. You may also select Use Telephone after joining the webinar for better audio reception.


I would like to register for an upcoming webinar. Can you please forward me a paper application and address where the registration fee should be sent?

We offer only online registration and payment for our trainings. Click on the Trainings tab and click on the Calendar. This page displays our month-by-month calendar. Select the webinar you wish to attend and click on Register here.


I have not received my certificate for the webinar I attended.

We provide certificates only for those webinars that offer substantive law topics.  Contact Dinah Suncin at in the event you did not receive a certificate for such a webinar.


I missed a recent webinar. Can I buy a recording of it or can I even pay to access it on your website?

We have the webinars available for purchase at our Shop.


I forgot the date of the webinar. Can I get a refund or a credit for another?

We are unable to provide refunds for webinars or credit one webinar payment for another. Each webinar and  payment are linked together and identified as belonging to the paying attendee for the webinar selected. .


I am a CLINIC member and would like to get a free registration form for all webinars. I did not get one for today’s webinar.

We do not issue a free registration form for our webinars. You must register for each webinar separately at our web site.