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Once the attorney receives the respondent’s consent, the attorney files the entry of appearance with the BIA

Upon receipt of the respondent’s packet, please review the documents to ensure the respondent consented to representation and signed the indigency checklist.

You will file form EOIR-27 with the Clerk's Office at the BIA.  The Board has revised the EOIR-27 form and does not require the respondent’s signature. Each respondent has their own EOIR-27 filing due date for their case.  Please review the letter we emailed you to determine the due date in your case.  Contact the Project Coordinator if you are getting close to your deadline and still have not received the signed EOIR-27.

Please complete the revised EOIR-27 and follow the steps below for filing it with the Board. 

How to file the EOIR-27 with the Board

Tips for Completing the EOIR-27

Revised EOIR-27

Flagging Notice (print on red paper)

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