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CLINIC sends a packet to the Respondent requesting consent

CLINIC will send a packet to the respondent that explains the BIA Project.  The packet includes: 1) a letter explaining the project; 2) a consent checklist; and 3) a notice for respondent to update us of any address changes. 

The respondent will complete the forms and mail the packet to the attorney.  We will provide him with a pre-addressed/posted U.S. Postal Service Express Mail envelope to use to return the signed EOIR-27 form to the attorney. Once the Respondent consents, you may proceed with your representation and file your appearance before the Board using the revised form E-27 (Entry of Appearance before the Board). 

Please be aware that not all respondents consent to representation.  For example, they may already have representation or prefer to proceed before the Board pro se. Sometimes, we cannot locate the respondent prior to the filing deadline.  The Project would be happy to assign another case to you if this should occur. 

1) Sample Letter to Respondent

2) Keep Address Updated

3) Consent Checklist

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