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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Information and Resources


A criminal record may disqualify you for DACA. Start with the resources on this chart to get a copy of yours. Know your criminal history before applying.

How to request
  • In AL, Circuit Courts and District Courts have divisions for Juvenile Court and share jurisdiction over juvenile cases. When Circuit Courts or District Courts handle juvenile cases, these judges sit as a Juvenile Court and a separate docket is maintained. Contact your local court.
  • Submit requests in writing to the records department or clerk of the court where the case took place.
  • Use request form TF-311 ANCH to make a request for copies of Anchorage case files.
  • Most court records are available for public inspection.
  • Copies are 25¢ per page. A certified copy of a document is $5.00.
  • Delinquency records are open to the public for those juveniles who turned 18 after 1/1/1995. All other requests for information from delinquency files must be approved by the County Court before any can be viewed.
  • Ex: Maricopa County Juvenile Section.
  • FAQ about records.
  • Declaration For Access to Juvenile Case File In Possession of Juvenile Court.
  • See the Colorado Bureau of Investigations website. The CBI is a division of the Colorado Department of Public Safety and is the repository for criminal records for Colorado citizens.
  • A $6.85 charge for each records search will be assessed to your credit or debit card.
  • Colorado State Judicial Branch or the Colorado Supreme Court, depending upon where the case was originally tried, can grant juvenile record release to eligible persons upon request if these records were not found at the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.
  • For access to juvenile records, contact the clerk’s office in the juvenile matters court where the case was filed.
  • General background check.
  • Case records of youth will only be disclosed to the youth (if 18 years of age or older) or parent/guardian, with a signed Authorization for Release of Information. Find relevant form as Attachment D.
  • Juvenile records are stored in the Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS), which is maintained by the Attorney General and the Juvenile Justice Information Committee. In order to obtain juvenile records, a written request for disclosure must be made by the party concerned.
  • Contact the state’s Family Court at (808) 954-8144.
  • If formal charges have been filed, a juvenile’s file and court hearings are open to the public if the youth is 14 years of age or older, unless the Judge deems special circumstances exist to keep a certain case closed to the public.
  • For information on criminal background checks.
  • In order to obtain a Juvenile History Record, Mail the fingerprints and a money order for $10 (Payable to the Indiana State Police) to: Indiana State Police, PO Box 6188, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Do not fold or crease the fingerprints. The juvenile criminal history documents will be mailed to the requestor.
  • For additional information, contact the Indiana State Police at (317) 234-2631.
  • Records may be available online.
  • Any records unavailable through the online records database may be viewed in person at the juvenile court of the county where the action occurred.
  • Juvenile records are strictly protected in Kansas. The only means to obtain your own juvenile history is to positively identify yourself by fingerprint submission to the Central Repository at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.
  • To review an entire criminal record, to include all arrests, non-convictions, diversions, expungements, and juvenile offender data, mail a letter requesting your record to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. You must also include a Personal Identification fingerprint card with your fingerprints recorded. The fingerprint card establishes your identity to the Kansas Central Repository, so that someone else can't obtain your record by pretending to be you
  • Instructions for submitting a request can be found here.
  • An adult’s criminal record report is public information. Juveniles may access their records by requesting the records in person with the county clerk.
  • Juvenile Courts of Caddo, East Baton Rouge, Jefferson, and Orleans Parishes have exclusive jurisdiction over certain types of cases. There is an exception for serious felonies committed by persons over 15 years of age, who may be tried in District or City Courts.
  • Maine Juvenile Crime Information Request
  • Online site provides electronic access to request criminal history record and juvenile crime information maintained by the Maine State Police, State Bureau of Identification.
  • To access juvenile records, write a letter to the Juvenile Court of the County in Maryland where the records are.
  • Include name, date of birth, and reason for requesting records. The request will be forwarded to the Juvenile Court judge who will rule on whether or not to allow access. The court will then follow up with the requestor with further instructions.
  • The Maryland Immigrant Rights Coalition can help determine DACA requestors’ eligibility for expungement.  Individuals with prior dispositions of Probation Before Judgment (PBJ) are those who are most likely eligible; most convictions cannot be expunged.  See Md. Code Ann., Crim. Pro. Art. § 10-105(a)(9) for limited exceptions.
  • Information available at www.mass.gov/cjis.
  • Register at iCori, receive an e-mail confirmation, activate account within 24 hours, submit request along with a money order for $25.
  • To make request by mail: fill out Juvenile Record Request and send, along with $25 money order to:Office of the Commissioner of Probation One Ashburton Place, Room 405 Boston, MA 02108-1612 Attn: Juvenile Records
  • Request a copy of the juvenile records from the Michigan State Police. Each department has different requirements for how to obtain records and different options for transmitting them to the requester.
  • If the crime was minor and an isolated incident, juvenile records may be unavailable. Request records in writing at: Michigan State PoliceCriminal Justice Information Center, Identification Section 7150 Harris DriveLansing, MI, 48913 Phone: (517) 322-1956Include full name, race, sex, full birth date, and all names used. If the defendant has a common name, consider including a Social Security Number. Enclose a $10 cashier's check or money order and a return envelope with the defendant's return address and current postage. Records by mail take three to five weeks.
  • Alternatively, request records through ICHAT – Michigan’s Internet Criminal History Access Tool.
  • Most Juvenile Court cases are closed to the public, and you generally must get permission from the presiding judge to view or get copies from a Juvenile Court file.
  • Practices vary from county to county, contact the Juvenile Court in each county.
  • Example: Affidavit for Access to Juvenile Court Files form in Hennepin County, Mail or drop off your completed request form to:4th District Juvenile Court Hennepin Co. Juvenile Justice Center Records Request - 1st Floor 590 Park Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55415
  • In the 21 counties which have a County Court, those judges also serve as Youth Court judges. In counties which do not have a County Court, the Chancery Judge may hear Youth Court matters, or the Chancery Judge may appoint a lawyer to act in a judicial capacity as Youth Court Referee.
  • Contact the Court in the county where the records would be and request records in person, bringing proof of identification, which would then allow the juvenile to access his own record.
  • Juveniles can request access to their own records. Only a court can order sealed records to be unsealed.
  • Missouri Revised Statues Section 211-321 concerns juvenile court records
  • Practices vary from county to county. Contact the Juvenile Court in each county.
  • Court records for a specific case can only be viewed in the court where the case was filed. Records may be reviewed in person. They must be viewed at the court, but copies can be made for a fee, which varies from court to court.
  • Sometimes, the court records contain information not available to the public. If this is the case, a written request for that information must be presented to the court where the case was filed. A judge will decide whether to grant access.
  • Individuals may inspect their own records in person at the Department of Juvenile Justices or may petition the Juvenile Court for a court order allowing copies of the juvenile record to be made.
  • For questions regarding juvenile records, contact the Juvenile Justice Services Department at (702) 455-5220.
New Hampshire
  • The NH Department of Juvenile Justice and the Department of Children, Family and Youth Services maintain a database known as “NH Bridges.”
  • See the State Police’s website for further information.
New Jersey
  • Send a written request stating what records are sought to: Yvonne Lemane Juvenile Justice Commission P.O. Box 107 Trenton, NJ 08625
  • Requests may also be faxed to (609) 943-4655.
  • You will receive back a form to complete and return in order to access records.
New Mexico
  • Request records, in writing or in person, at the New Mexico court where the matter was adjudicated.
  • In the case of significant misdemeanor offenses and multiple misdemeanor offenses the individual should contact the magistrate court of the proper county.
  • For felonies, contact the district court.
  • Contact information for district courts and magistrate courts can be found at http://www.nmcourts.gov/othercourts.php.
New York
  • The Division of Criminal Justice Services provides individuals with the opportunity to obtain and review their own criminal history record. Call (518) 485-7675 , or visit the Record Review Page for full details.
  • To obtain a copy of your criminal history record, request an informational packet from Record Review Unit New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services 4 Tower Place Albany, New York 12203-3764
North Carolina
  • The North Carolina Juvenile Online Information Network (“NCJOIN”) is a database of arrest information maintained by the North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.
  • Court records are currently available at county courthouses. The state is also implementing a new juvenile court record database called JWise. A juvenile, a juvenile’s parents or guardians, and attorneys may examine and obtain copies of court records without a court order.
North Dakota
  • A complete Criminal History may be obtained by contacting:North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations 205 State Street P.O. Box 1054 Bismarck, ND 58502 Phone: (701) 328-5650
  • Contact the clerk of the juvenile court in the county where the incident took place.
  • Request records by supplying the court with your name and date of birth.
  • Can telephone, fax, or make the request in person to the county court.
  • Visit your local probate court to obtain the paperwork required to file a motion to access your juvenile records. There may be a fee for this, though the fee may be waivable.
  • Fill out a Petition to View Records and/or Request for Copies form.
  • Must present a valid photo ID.
  • Contact the Portland Police Bureau:Records Division 1111 SW 2nd Avenue, Room 1126 Portland, OR 97204 For juvenile records call: 503-988-3460
Rhode Island
South Carolina
  • Send a written request, including your date of birth and the last 4 digits of your social security number, to:Attn Central Records P.O. Box 21069 Columbia, SC 29221-1069
South Dakota
  • The Jackson County Clerk of Court conducts statewide record searches.
  • Mail this form to: Jackson County Clerk of Court, P.O. Box 128Kadoka, SD 57543-0128 Phone: (605) 837-2122 Email: carol.schofield@ujs.state.sd.us
  • Application for Criminal History Record
  • The petitioner requests the report from BCI. There is a fee for the report. The judge might require that you file a criminal history report from the other communities in which you have lived.
  • Criminal Record Check request form.
West Virginia
  • A juvenile can request records by completing form DJ-LE- JD-1738-250 and filing with the state’s Crime Information Bureau.
  • Submit a State of Wyoming applicant fingerprint card with a preprinted waiver signature section on the reverse side. In addition, the applicant must also submit a fee which is also set by statute.
  • Contact the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (307-777-7181 or 208 S. College Dr., Cheyenne, WY) for a fingerprint card and instruction form.