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Please note that free and quarterly affiliate-only webinars will still be available in the webinar archive.

Held On: 11/20/13
Who qualifies for a waiver of crime-based inadmissibility? What kinds of crimes are covered and what do you need to show to qualify for a waiver? When can a lawful permanent resident use a 212(h) waiver to overcome losing his or her status based on a criminal conviction?


Held 10/30/13
In this webinar we will discuss everything about the affidavit of support, including financial eligibility requirements, measuring household size and income, use of assets and joint sponsors, obligations of sponsors, and exceptions to filing requirements.


Held September 26th, 2013
USCIS may grant humanitarian parole to individuals to come to the U.S. for a temporary period of time because of emergency or humanitarian reasons. Who is eligible to apply? How is the application submitted?


Citizenship for Us is a comprehensive guide to the naturalization process that provides detailed information on citizenship eligibility, requirements, and benefits and a step-by-step explanation of the N-400 (Application for Naturalization).  The guide includes 13 study units on U.S.


Held on July 24, 2013
Have you ever disagreed with a U.S. consular officer's decision to deny an immigrant visa to your client? If so, did you know you can seek an advisory opinion from the Department of State Visa Office?


Held on 6/19/2013
How do you interview your client to obtain all the information you need to determine eligibility? How do you deal with prior criminal activity, DUIs, drug use, fraud, or smuggling? What techniques should you consider to uncover hardship factors and marshal the supporting documentation?


Held on April 29, 2013
How old do you have to be to sign an affidavit of support or be counted as a household member? To qualify as a stepchild? To derive citizenship when your parent naturalizes?


Held on March 27 2013
Who qualifies for voluntary departure and what are the advantages and disadvantages of a grant of "VD"?


Held on February 27, 2013
In this webinar we start with the basics on who is subject to conditional residency and who is not. We will discuss the rights, benefits, and obligations of conditional residency, including how to remove the conditions after two years.

Laredo Port of Entry

Held on January 30th, 2013.
Your client is out of status, but is he accruing 'unlawful presence' that will trigger the three or ten year bar when he leaves the U.S.?