Webinar: Waiving Crimes Away: All About 212(h) Waivers

Price: $25.00

Your client wants to be become a lawful permanent resident but he has a criminal record.  You're not sure if his record will bar him from eligibility.  Your lawful permanent resident client was placed in removal proceedings upon returning from a trip abroad.  You need to determine if she can retain her residency through a waiver. Who qualifies for a waiver of crime-based inadmissibility?  What kinds of crimes are covered and what do you need to show to qualify for a waiver?  When can a lawful permanent resident use a 212(h) waiver to overcome losing his or her status based on a criminal conviction?  To learn all about 212(h) waivers, join CLINIC attorneys Sarah Bronstein and Susan Schreiber for a webinar on this topic.


Susan Schreiber

Sarah Bronstein

Held On: 11/20/13

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