Webinar: Tax Issues for Non-Citizens

Price: $25.00

Do you ever encounter common tax questions you wish you could answer? For example, how do tax issues play a role in establishing good moral character for naturalization applicants? What is the significance of a married client’s filing as “married filing separately,” or as “head of household?” Whom can the client claim as dependents on a tax return? What is needed to obtain a tax payer identification number (ITIN)? How does a self-employed sponsor evidence current individual annual income for the affidavit of support? How do you determine if the sponsor earned too little to incur a tax liability and what are the consequences of filing a late return? We will be asking a tax expert who specializes in representing non-citizens these and other tax-related questions. Please join Susan Schreiber and Charles Wheeler from CLINIC in a question-and-answer session with Robert Alcorn, PC. Mr. Alcorn has been providing assistance and training to immigration service providers for over 15 years

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