Recorded Webinar: Understanding Unlawful Presence

Laredo Port of Entry
Price: $25.00

 Your client is out of status, but is he accruing 'unlawful presence' that will trigger the three or ten year bar when he leaves the U.S.?  A second client wants to qualify for a stateside provisional waiver - is unlawful presence the only inadmissibility ground she faces based on her immigration history?  And what about your client who has spent nine of the last ten years in Chicago after triggering the ten-year bar - is he "serving his time' through the passage of time?  Unlawful presence inadmissibility can be complicated to assess - join CLINIC attorneys Jennie Guilfoyle and Susan Schreiber to review the many ways that unlawful presence is accrued, the exceptions to unlawful presence, and unresolved questions about this ground of inadmissibility.


Held on January 30th, 2013.


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