Recorded Webinar: Consular Processing - Seeking an Advisory Opinion from the Department of State Visa Office

Price: $25.00

Have you ever disagreed with a U.S. consular officer's decision  to deny an immigrant visa to your client?  Or disagreed with the consulate's interpretation of the Child Status Protection Act or the application of one of the grounds of inadmissibility?  If so, did you know you can seek an advisory opinion from the Department of State Visa Office?   Join CLINIC attorneys Jennie Guilfoyle and Kristina Karpinski as they speak with Visa Office Attorney Chloe Dybdahl and learn more about the role of the Visa Office; the types of issues the office deals with most often; practical tips on seeking advisory opinions; and how these opinions may help to get your cases resolved.

Held on July 24, 2013

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