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Webinar - DACA - One Year Later

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This webinar is for legal service providers and others helping DREAMers apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  One year after DACA’s launch, we will review important DACA developments and explore ways we can continue to improve DACA-related services.  In this webinar, we will look at DACA application numbers to better understand the DACA applicant pool.  We will also look at the numbers to identify where new or bolstered DACA outreach is needed and to whom such outreach should be targeted.  We will discuss advocacy successes and DACA approvals in complicated cases.  In addition, we will address lessons learned about advanced practice issues, such as applying for DACA with criminal records, meeting eligibility guidelines, and advance parole.  Finally, we will highlight ways legal service providers and advocates can continue to further DACA efforts and improve assistance to DREAMers going forward. 


  • Tom Wong, Assistant Professor of Political Science, UC San Diego
  • Allison Posner, Director of Advocacy, CLINIC
  • Robert Yabes, Immigration and Legal Services Program Director, Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
  • Tatyana Delgado, Training and Legal Support Attorney, CLINIC
  • Ilissa Mira, Training and Legal Support Attorney, CLINIC

Held on August 22, 2013