Webinar: CLINIC's National Naturalization Radio Campaign

CLINIC is launching its first, national naturalization radio campaign in Spanish.  It will be aired in up to 250 Spanish radio outlets. The public service announcement (PSA) will be released four times across a Spanish radio network.  As such, CLINIC offers this brief webinar to help affiliates (members and subscribers) prepare a response to an increase in naturalization inquiries caused by the campaign aired in your community.

CLINIC is experimenting with this large-scale PSA format to: 1) increase interest in naturalization among the LPR community; 2) increase the visibility of CLINIC’s national network of affiliates; and 3) serve as a test-case for future PSAs addressing comprehensive immigration reform if a bill passes into law. 


Click here to access and listen to the audio file of the radio PSA 

(To download a copy of this PSA, right click the link above and select "Save Link As")



Held on 11/4/13


Jeff Chenoweth (Capacity Building Section Director)

Rommel Calderwood (Project Coordinator)

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