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Post-Admission Issues for Asylees

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What if your asylee client has an error on his/her I-94 card?  Do you know how to get it corrected? What if Social Security won’t issue your asylee client a card?  What if an employer demands documentation from your asylee client that he or she doesn’t have? Documentation problems can impede asylees’ employment, access to public benefits, and integration.  

This webinar presented by CLINIC attorney Jennie Guilfoyle and project coordinator Laura Burdick reviews how asylees obtain key documents and benefits, and how to address related problems or challenges such as errors or bureaucratic delays.  Topics include employment authorization, protection against alienage discrimination, driver’s licenses and state ID cards, eligibility for public benefits and social security numbers, travel authorization, and correcting errors on documents issued by USCIS.

Held September 23, 2010.