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Managing Financial Performance

Nominal fees for immigration legal services are a core source of funding to start and sustain charitable programs.  By charging nominal fees you can retain a great deal of control over the financial viability of your program.  Conversely, to not charge fees is to put your program at risk of closing or drastic downsizing.

Does your legal immigration program struggle to know when and how to charge fees to clients?  Learn how to use something more logical and remunerative than the door as your case selection criteria. Does your legal immigration program have financial controls and procedures that will see it grow and meet the challenge of comprehensive immigration reform no matter when it comes?

This webinar is for all programs; experienced start-up and even for those just considering a program.  The presenters are Jack Holmgren, Field Support Coordinator and Jeff Chenoweth, Assistant Director for CLINIC’s Center for Citizenship and Immigrant Communities.  Both presenters are trainers for the Center’s Immigration Program Management classroom and webinar training series.  The presenters have trained and coached numerous programs to develop strong fee-based revenue.

Held in October, 2010.