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Many tasks in an immigration legal services program can be completed by volunteers. Using volunteers when possible frees up staff time that can be devoted to offering more services to clients. This toolkit contains helpful information on how best to use volunteers in your program, how to recruit and retain volunteers, and how to incorporate them into your program’s plan for the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Sample forms are included as well as sample volunteer job descriptions.

If you have questions regarding this toolkit, please send these to Leya Speasmaker at lspeasmaker@cliniclegal.org


Overview of Volunteer Management

10 Reasons to Use Volunteers for Charitable Immigration Legal Services

10 Considerations When Working with Volunteers

Best Practices for Volunteer Management

The Case for Hiring a Volunteer Manager


Needs Assessment: Determining Agency Volunteer Roles

What Volunteers Can and Can’t Do in Legal Work

10 Tasks for a Volunteer in Your Legal Office

Volunteer Roles and Sample Job Description (Summer Legal Intern)

Volunteer Roles and Sample Job Description (Legal Intern)

Volunteer Roles and Sample Job Description (Naturalization Tutor)

Volunteer Roles and Sample Job Description (Civics-Based ESL and Citizenship Instructor )

Volunteer Roles and Sample Job Description (Pro Bono Attorney)

Volunteer Roles and Sample Job Description (Workshop Volunteer)


Recruitment, Matching and Screening 

Where to Find Volunteers

Sample Volunteer Application and Acknowledgement Form

Sample Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement


Training and BIA Accreditation

Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Accreditation for Volunteers

Training Opportunities for Prospective BIA Applicants


Superivision and Motivation

Giving Feedback to Volunteers

Managing a Difficult Volunteer

Sample Evaluation of Volunteers

How to Recognize and Appreciate Volunteers


Tools for Effective Volunteer Management

Technology Tools for Volunteer Work

Resources for Future Exploration


Pro Bono Specific Resources

CLINIC Webinar Using Pro Bono to Maximize Resources

CLINIC Webinar Pro Bono Development

CLINIC Webinar Partnering with Law Schools

Sample Guidelines for Pro Bono Representation (Courtesy of Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project)

Sample Pro Bono Attorney Guidelines (Courtesy of National Immigrant Justice Center)

Sample Pro Bono Retainer Agreement (Courtesy of National Immigrant Justice Center) 

Sample Pro Bono Case Summary (Courtesy of National Immigrant Justice Center)  

Sample Pro Bono Project Newsletter (Courtesy of National Immigrant Justice Center)  

Other Pro Bono Resources