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Updates from the Center for Immigrant Integration (April 2018)

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CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration is excited to share with you a cool partnership between the Portland Police Department and Catholic Charities Oregon. Also, April was financial literacy month! Check out these resources designed to help immigrants with their finances.


Center Updates

Catholic Charities and the Portland Police Department work together to welcome refugees

As a way to warmly welcome refugees, police officers, volunteers and Catholic Charities staff greet families at the airport with home cooked meals and bottled water. The Portland Police Department joined this effort to help change the negative perception of police and refugee interactions. With the help of Catholic Charities Oregon, the department is making lasting strides in building trust within the growing immigrant community.


Outside Events, Webinars and Resources

April was financial literacy month!

Financial literacy and the U.S. banking system can be complex. Like many American families, some immigrant and refugee families find themselves struggling to budget, save and build credit. Fortunately, the International Rescue Committee has created a “bundled service” model, which provides classroom-based skill-building in financial education, individual financial coaching and counseling, and access to tailored financial products.


How Municipalities Can Improve Census 2020 Accuracy and Reduce Immigrant Undercount

The 2020 Census is fast approaching. With immigrants facing the possibility of being undercounted, the communities where they reside will be at risk of not receiving the appropriate amount federal funding and resources. Check out the slides from this Welcoming America webinar to learn how an accurate address list can help prevent this issue.