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Toolkit for Naturalization Workshops


A naturalization group application workshop is a one-day community event that brings professionals and trained volunteers together to assist Lawful Permanent Residents in completing the Application for Naturalization (N-400).  The workshop is an essential tool for efficiently and effectively providing naturalization assistance to large numbers of people.  The success of the workshop model depends on careful planning, thorough training of staff and volunteers, and high quality services. The purpose of this toolkit is to help charitable immigration programs achieve a successful workshop. The forms and sample documents can be used as is or adapted by local programs for their own needs.

We welcome your feedback on this toolkit and its utility. Also, if you have any documents your agency has developed that you would like to send us for inclusion in the toolkit, or suggestions for additional materials to include, please send these to

General Information

Planning & Organizing


Sample Outreach Flyers Announcing Naturalization Workshops:


Forms to Use in the Workshop

Attachments for the N-400

Information for Applicants

·         NEW NAC Best Practices Toolkit for Using Volunteers [please add this]

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