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Recently, we sent all affiliates a notice informing them of the July 17th deadline for returning three-year EADs requested by USCIS in order to comply with the Texas court’s February 16, 2015 injunction. USCIS reports that there are still approximately 900 DACA recipients who have not yet returned their three-year EADs. We have been informed that USCIS has already taken additional steps to direct the return of the three-year EADs and is planning further adverse actions in the near future. These actions may include:

  • USCIS phone calls to non-compliant DACA recipients with three-year EADs;
  • USCIS visits to the residences of DACA recipients who have not yet returned their three-year EADs;
  • Additional letters from USCIS instructing DACA recipients to visit the local USCIS field office to relinquish their three-year EAD or certify that it has been returned;
  • Other adverse actions that may affect an individual’s DACA and work authorization

It is critical that you help your DACA clients understand whether or not they need to return their three-year EAD and, if so, how to appropriately respond to contact from USCIS about this issue. 


New USCIS Online Tool to Verify Whether a Person Needs to Return Their Work Permit

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Community Education Flyer: Do you need to return your DACA 3-year work permit?
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Fact Sheet from USCIS: Important Information for Some DACA Recipients Who Received Three-Year Work Authorization 
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