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New CLINIC Member

CLINIC has accepted and welcomes a new member, Lafayette Urban Ministries in Lafayette, Indiana.  LUM is “an ecumenical organization of 42 church congregations following Christ’s mandate to love and serve.” Six Catholic congregations are members of LUM.  As such, Bishop Timothy L. Doherty wrote CLINIC asking that LUM be recognized as a Catholic member to CLINIC’s network. LUM is preparing itself to apply for BIA recognition and accreditation.   

Joe Micon, MSW, is the Executive Director and Susan Brouillette, M.Div. (potential BIA accreditation candidate) is the Program Director of the agency’s Open Arms Immigration Services Program. Jay Grow, Esq., is their Volunteer Advisor.

New CLINIC Subscribers

CLINIC has accepted and welcomes the following agencies as new subscribers:

  • Redlands Christian Migrant Association

CLINIC has accepted a new subscriber, Redlands Christian Migrant Association, Immokalee, Florida. Barbara Mainster, Executive Director, advises that the agency is seeking to become BIA recognized with one accredited representative in Immokalee prior to contemplating expansion to other sites in the state.  Interestingly, Redlands Christian Migration Association is known as Florida’s largest daycare provider network in addition to its other services to foreign-born and low-income wage earners. Their RCMA Immigration Assistance Program, Inc. is staffed by Kristina O’Hern, Community Learning Coordinator (potential BIA applicant); Gloria Padilla,Area Coordinator; Ivette Galarza, MSW, Director of Program Quality; and Lourdes Villanueva, Director of Farmworker Advocacy.


  • Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON)

CLINIC has accepted a new subscriber, Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON).  JFON is a national network with a national office in Springfield, Virginia and 15 field offices in as many states.  The offices are led by attorneys with one or more staff in each. 


  • Hispanic Unity of Florida

CLINIC has accepted a new subscriber, Hispanic Unity of Florida, Hollywood, Florida.

Hispanic Unity of Florida is pursuing BIA recognition with at least one person scheduled to apply for accreditation at the same time.  Josie Bacallao, Executive Director, lists staff:  Luis Felipe Pinzon, Pathways to Citizenship Program Director, and Magaly Alvarado. 

Laura Burdick is the Field Support Coordinator