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Affiliate Newsletter (December 2018)

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Dear CLINIC affiliates,

With deep gratitude, we thank you for your commitment to welcome and serve our immigrant families, neighbors and friends. As we all know, immigration legal status affects every aspect of a person’s life.  The affordable and high-quality services that you provide to your community is priceless. We at CLINIC are amazed at the work that you do on a daily basis and want you to know how much we value the countless hours that you have spent this year promoting the dignity and defending the rights of immigrants.

With a new year rapidly approaching, our collective abilities to serve and advocate for immigrants across the United States are more important than ever. As you go on to spend the holidays with your loved ones, we wish you joy, peace and rest. And, as you come back in 2019, CLINIC stands ready to support you in every way that we can.

Merry holidays CLINIC family, and have a happy New Year!



Updates from the Network



Canopy Northwest Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Compassion Immigration Services, Inc. in Malden, Massachusetts

New Hope Free Methodist Church in Rochester, New York

Word of Life Center in Salisbury, Maryland


Full Accreditation

Marlane Codair of Compassion Immigration Services, Inc.


Partial Accreditation

Kenson Raymond of Word of Life

Oscar Francisco Ayala-Silva of Canopy Northwest Arkansas

Patricia Welch of New Hope Free Methodist Church


The Mexican Screening Project has been extended!

Attention CLINIC affiliates, the Mexican Screening Project has been extended an additional three months, or until we reach our funding goal.

Through pilot projects and demographic studies conducted by CLINIC, we learned that potentially 18 percent of unauthorized immigrants across the United States may be eligible for a benefit leading to lawful permanent residence. As a way to expand on these results, CLINIC launched the Mexican Screening Project with funding from the Atlanta Mexican Consulate.

The purpose of the project is to screen and identify eligible Mexican nationals, and educate them on their rights through “Know Your Rights” presentations and materials. CLINIC will pay organizations for each completed and documented screening. To learn more, sign in and visit CLINIC’s project page. To register for the project, complete this survey.

If you have additional questions, contact Jeff Chenoweth at or Laura Nino at, and copy your field support coordinator!


Updates from the Center for Immigrant Integration (December 2018)

CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration is excited to share how a church and school in Texas uses a 400 year-old Central American holiday tradition to bring together all members of their community. The Aspen Institute reviews how asset building is beneficial to all newcomers and the different steps families can take to ensure they are building financial stability. Don’t forget, National Migration Week starts Jan. 6. Let us know how your community is celebrating. Also, keep checking the Immigrant Integration training calendar for upcoming events and trainings.


Center Updates


Immigrant Integration Highlight

A new tradition of sharing and surrendering

By Leya Speasmaker

Neighboring community institutions, St. Louis King of France Catholic Church and Purple Sage Elementary School in Austin, Texas, both put on Las Posadas Navideñas celebrations to bring all members of their community together.


Immigrant Integration Training Calendar

We update our new learning calendar as soon as new events are announced. Bookmark it and check back periodically to find a wide variety of integration-focused events being hosted around the nation. Up next, Immigration and Integration: The Bintel Brief and Immigration Today, a one day workshop held on Jan. 29, 2019.


Outside Events, Webinars, and Resources

Helping Rural immigrant Families Accumulate and Grow Assets

Join the Aspen Institute for a recorded webinar as they focus on many families who immigrate to the United States with little to no assets. This can be a barrier because assets are helpful when families experience unexpected emergencies, and they are necessary for those who hope to build financial stability. This training discusses several ways to help rural immigrant families grow their assets, such as naturalization and homeownership.


National Migration Week 2019

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released the 2019 National Migration Week toolkit. At the click of a button you can have access to facts about migration, talking points on how to discuss this issue with people you care about, and engagement and homily suggestions that can be implemented in your community. Be sure to let CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration know how you’ll be celebrating National Migration Week, which is Jan. 6-12!


Integration News

Afghan Refugee Sewing Shop, Launched by UVA Alumna, Poised for Cyber Monday

Saleha Akhbari and her family came to Charlottesville, Virginia from Kabul Afghanistan to escape their war-torn homeland. Akhbari is one of a group of 12 Afghan women who are now part of a journey called The Super Sewing Shop. Working with community activist, Gwendolyn Cassady, the women use donated fabric, sewing supplies and clothing to “up-cycle” different pieces of clothing. In time for the holidays, there are more than 900 pieces that, Super Seamstresses, all refugees from the Middle East, have created and uploaded on Eco Chic Boutique. These women are working towards becoming their own independent businesses by the end of the first quarter in the New Year. 


Monday, August 27, 2018 - 12:30pm