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Affiliate Newsletter (October 2018)

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Updates from the Network

Full accreditation 

Marta Tuhchieva-Petit of Centro Romero in Chicago, Illinois 


New Affiliates

Aquinas Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Baptist State Convention of North Carolina in Raleigh, North Carolina

Journey’s End Refugee Services, Inc in Buffalo, New York

Light of Hope Immigration Law Center in Plano, Texas

Rays of Freedom in San Antonio, Texas

SF Labor Council/We Rise SF/Labor Center for Immigration Justice in San Francisco, California



Step up your advocacy by submitting comments on federal rules affecting immigrants

Petitions and letter-writing campaigns are common tools used to influence law and policy makers. However, when a federal agency tries to put in place a new rule, such strategies are not the best method. In the case of a proposed rule, it is most effective to participate in the public comment period and inspire others to do so, too! Submitting a public comment can be as easy as signing a petition. 


The public comment period for the Flores rule closes on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Changes to this rule would allow for the indefinite detention of children. Download the toolkit here, then head over to for more resources. 


The comment period for changes to the public charge rule closes Monday, Dec. 10.

If the Department of Homeland Security’s proposed rule is allowed it would drastically expand the definition of what it means to be a public charge, which could prevent an immigrant from maintaining or obtaining legal immigration status. Download the toolkit here, then head to to learn more.


Center for Immigrant Integration (October 2018)

CLINIC’s Center for Immigrant Integration takes it local as we highlight a Maryland nonprofit agency that promotes integration by offering their students vocational classes in various fields. The New American Economy created a Cities Index that scores immigrant integration around the United States. What did your community score? Share with us on Twitter by tagging @cliniclegal. There is still time to register for NIIC 2018. We hope to see you there!


Center Updates

Maryland non-profit uses workforce and vocational training to promote integration

CASA de Maryland partners with community colleges and local government to enhance vocational skills for individuals as they integrate into the community.


Immigrant Integration Training Calendar

We update our new learning calendar as soon as new events are announced. Bookmark it and check back periodically to find a wide variety of integration-focused events being hosted around the nation. Coming soon: The 2018 National Immigrant Integration Conference in Arlington, Virginia. Click here to register.


Outside Events, Webinars, and Resources

NAE Cities Index

The New American Economy introduced their NAE Cities Index, which evaluates immigrant integration by measuring policies and socioeconomic outcomes. Click this link to see how your city scored. Then, share with us and New American Economy on Twitter by tagging @cliniclegal and @newamericanecon.


Gateways For Growth Part 3

Last year, the Center for Immigrant Integration highlighted the Gateways for Growth Challenge. This program offers qualifying cities financial and planning support in creating a multiyear strategic plan to help immigrants adapt and prosper in their communities. These cities also receive “on the ground” technical assistance from the sponsoring organizations. To continue their work, their application for part three is now open! If interested, submit your application by Nov. 19 and keep us updated on your status by emailing CLINIC Integration Program Manager Leya Speasmaker at

Monday, August 27, 2018 - 12:30pm

Monday, August 27, 2018 - 12:30pm