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Affiliate Newsletter (July 2017)

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News From the Network


Catholic Multicultural Center in Madison, Wisconsin


Partial Accreditation

Janice M Beers of Catholic Multicultural Center in Madison, Wisconsin

Daniel Hicks of Catholic Charities Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware


New Affiliates

Diocese of Saginaw in Saginaw, Michigan

Southwest Organizing Project in Chicago

International Institute of Milwaukee in Wisconsin

Jewish Family Services in San Diego, California

Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services in Columbus, Ohio

Angkor Resource Center, Inc. in Riverdale, Georgia 

Mid Shore Pro Bono in Easton, Maryland 


Update from the Center for Immigrant Integration (July 2017)

This month, the Center for Immigrant Integration is emphasizing the benefits of developing partnerships and engaging your entire community. Check out CLINIC’s new resources highlighting ways to initiate relationships with local officials, as well as an affiliate spotlight celebrating their work with a vulnerable community. Last, but not least, learn how parishes can use holiday community celebrations to bring newcomers together with long-time residents.


New CLINIC Resources and Stories

Promoting immigrant integration: Ideas for working together with your local officials

Engaging and partnering with local officials is essential to creating a successful integration program. Use this new resource, along with the accompanying webinar and updated toolkit, to learn how to foster these relationships. Key topics include prepare for a meeting with local government officials, what resources local government has to share with your organization and how to best to secure government participation in your initiative.


Blog: Fourth of July, celebrating our country’s founding

In celebration of the United States' “signature holiday,” we highlighted community-based Independence Day celebrations as prime ways parishes can encourage immigrant integration among their members, both new and old.


Affiliate Highlight: Adelante Caminantes, Hope CommUnity Center

Through their Adelante Caminantes Program, Hope CommUnity Center in Apopka, Florida, is offering unique resources and encouragement to the growing number of Central American unaccompanied minors in their Central Florida community.


Outside Events, Webinars, and Resources

How Are Refugees Faring? Integration at U.S. and State Levels

When entering the United States, a refugee’s placement is assigned rather than chosen. This placement is often mistaken as the reason refugees successfully adapt to their new community. Migration Policy Institute’s new report challenges this notion. By analyzing the nationwide integration progress for various refugee communities, they discovered that the country of origin has a bigger influence on a refugee’s integration.


Bridges Not Walls: Strengthening Relationships Between Immigrant and Receiving Communities

Our communities are changing. Rapid demographic shifts can spark tension and create challenges for both newcomers and long-time residents. How do we create a bridge that allows access and justice for all? In this webinar, Welcoming America discusses how communities can be strengthened by demographic changes, as well as gives ideas on how to connect long-time residents and newcomers.