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Large-Scale Immigration Legal Service Delivery Model for Administrative Relief


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CLINIC advocates for comprehensive immigration reform addressing in particular the needs of the undocumented population.  CLINIC looks to how charitable-based immigration legal services can be delivered on a large-scale regardless of what major immigration reform is passed as law by Congress or authorized as administrative relief by The White House.

A community-wide approach with resources and collaboration from many legal and non-legal institutions is essential to serving as many low-income immigrants as possible.  As such, CLINIC provides this dynamic, graphic presentation titled, “Large-Scale Immigration Legal Service Delivery Model for Administrative Relief.”  The model is presented in the form of a Prezi, a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas.  Audio narration is provided for the presentation.  A script for the narration can be found at the bottom of this page.

The purpose of the model is intended as a teaching tool to help local organizations share their similar and dissimilar expectations for implementing immigration reform so true collaboration can be achieved.  It is also provided to emphasize the complexities along the path immigrants take in seeking to acquire an immigration legal benefit, especially their first in documenting themselves before the U.S. government.  CLINIC believes that careful planning and resource rich efforts using human capital and technology will allow local communities to respond successfully to the needs of immigrants at critical times.


Revisit this site as the Prezi-based model will be updated, especially after The White House makes its administrative relief announcement and DHS promulgates regulations on the various benefits offered.