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At-Risk Reports

In 2000-2001, CLINIC published a series of reports on immigration issues based on numerous case studies. These are not current reports.

The reports identify, track, and examine the impact of our nation's laws and immigration policies on at-risk immigrants. They illustrate particularly compelling problems faced by immigrants, clear explanations of the law at the root of such problems, and other research.

To order hardcopies of these reports, please complete this form and mail a $10 check or money order to CLINIC, 415 Michigan Ave. NE, Suite 200, Washington DC 20017.

Through more than 60 case studies of newcomers experiencing hardship in the United States, the report attempts to put a human face on the harsher aspects of our nation's immigration laws. The report addresses the following topics:

  • Family-Based Immigration
  • Backlogs
  • Processing Delays and Poor Service
  • The Undocumented and Others subject to bars on Admission
  • Victims of Domestic Violence
  • How Detention Divides Family
  • Workplace Raids
  • Unauthorized Legal Practitioners

Illustrates the problems that plague the U.S. naturalization process. More than 20 case studies detail the stories of lawful permanent residents facing the backlog, poor customer service, increased application fees, and fee waiver inaccessibility. The report also addresses elderly and disabled applicants, good moral character issues, naturalization test standards, denials, and denaturalization.

Highlights the plight of low-income immigrant laborers in the United States. Follows immigrant laborers from their countries of origin on their often perilous journeys to the United States, documents the harsh reality they find upon arrival, and describes the horrors faced by migrants smuggled into the United States by organized crime syndicates. The report contains more than 25 case studies with a particular focus on day laborers, service sector employees, migrant farmworkers, and immigrants in the meatpacking and poultry industries.

Addresses the growing population of immigrant detainnes, including asylum seekers, children, indefinite and mandatory detainees, and those subject to removal from the United States based on secret evidence.

A Report on Migrant Crosing Deaths, Immigrant Families and Subsistence-Level Laborers. Like past reports, this one attempts to put a human face on immigration and labor problems through dozens of case studies. The report covers border crosing deaths, human rights abuses against migrants in Mexico and the United States, the inundation of border communities with Border Patrol agents, ranchers, Indian nations, the expansion of U.S. enforcement activities outside the U.S. territorial limits (and the consequences for the international regime of refugee protection) labor abuses, farm workers, NAFTA displaced workers, the unincorporated communities known as colonias, foreign-owned assembly plants (maquiladoras) in Northern Mexico, the impact of U.S. immigration laws on border families, etc. It ends with a series of recommended changes to U.S. immigration and labor laws and policies.