Free Rapid E-Learning - Getting the Facts: Criminal Records in Immigration Cases

CLINIC is pleased to announce the launch of our new self-directed e-learning course, "Getting the Facts: Criminal Records in Immigration Cases"  that is designed to help you learn how to obtain criminal records and understand and interpret those records. Immigration advocates know that every aspect of immigration law may be impacted by having a criminal record; a client's criminal history may prevent eligibility for a benefit, subject a client to removal, or lead to a negative exercise of discretion. 

Through this 90-minute course, consisting of 8 modules, participants will  gain the knowledge and skills to identify and obtain the criminal records necessary to evaluate a client's case, as well as  decipher the information contained in the records.  The course also reviews the differences between crime-based inadmissibility and crime -based deportability, and provides an overview of the many ways that crimes impact on immigration status and eligibility for benefits. While this is not a course about how to analyze the legal significance of a client's criminal offense, learning how to establish the facts of the criminal record is the critical first step in this process.

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This course was created by the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, with funding from the Public Welfare MacArthur Foundation